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A Father Son Duo: Tackling Addiction One Book at a Time with Tweak

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Sheff senior and his son are both New York Times best selling authors, who're tackling addiction one book at a time! Nic Sheff with "Tweak" and David Sheff with "Beautiful Boy." (Courtesy of 

David Sheff amounted the #1 spot on the New York Times bestseller list in April and May of 2008, for his book “Beautiful Boy.”  The book showed David’s point of view of his son--Nic’s--substance abuse. According the New York Times, Beautiful Boy is a “journey through his son’s addiction,” at the same time being “through the father’s eyes.”  They go on to state:


“For me, the hardest part about reading Nic’s book is that, bad as I imagined things were, they were even worse. The volume of drugs he was taking, the dangerous situations he was in over and over again. I never knew that he almost let his arm fall off. I was in pretty bad shape for a while after reading all this, even as I respected his truth-telling” [Charles McGrath.  A Twice-Told Tale of Addiction: By Father, by Son. February 26, 2008]. Nic Sheff’s book Tweak, is his saga of living life through methamphetamine abuse. David Sheff has written “Beautiful Boy” and “Clean.”  The father and son addiction duo join together to tackle the epidemic of:


As Nic and David quote reading each other’s work on the New York Times, it was “very painful” (Nic) and “excruciating” (David). Nic quotes on the New York Times, in an excerpt provided from Tweak, about smoking methamphetamine:

“My God, this is what I’ve been missing my entire life.”

Nic’s feeling is confirmed by, as comparing crystal meth to creating a false sense of well-being and energy.  Furthermore, that one will push their body beyond what it is meant to go while using meth. With euphoria on the inside during a crystal meth high there is an evident chaos brewing on the outside. 

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As in the article “The Deadly Effects of Meth” you begin to lose hunger experiencing extreme weight loss, disturbed sleep patterns, hyperactivity, nausea, and delusions of power, increased aggressiveness and irritability.  Nic didn’t have any easy road, let’s say that much. Nic’s tale turned him a book deal and a new life.  But, one thing forever changed is his perspective:

“Reading Dad’s book, the thing that popped out that I hadn’t fully understood was how much I hurt people” [Charles McGrath.  A Twice-Told Tale of Addiction: By Father, by Son. February 26, 2008).

Shelf senior takes on America’s greatest tragedy in his next feature addiction book, “Clean.”  Sheff changes his perspective used in his first book--through a fathers eyes--on his son’s addiction, to a an advocacy focused reasoning. Sheff senior also produces a journalistic stance in his new book.  In his new book he expands from
more than an insightful memoir. According to The New York Times (Science), “Clean is a reference work and Manifesto.”   This could open up a whole new realm on how families learn to cope with addictions. With an interview to National Public Radio, David was asked about his son Nic’s recovery.   Sheff (senior) goes on to state:

"When Nic, my son, got addicted — when it was clear he was disappearing, he was stealing from us, he was lying — I got a call from the emergency room, you know, 'Mr. Sheff, you'd better get here. Your son isn't going to make it.' I had no idea what to do. I called people I knew who'd been through this. I looked on the Internet, completely overwhelmed. I ended up making the best decision that I could. It was relying on a friend of a friend of a friend who told me that their child had gone into a program and had done well. I sent Nic there, and at least it got him off the streets. I mean, it didn't stop him from relapsing — he relapsed many times over the course of the next 10 years — but he was off the streets, he got some help. They call this sort of a treatment 'trajectory.' It takes a lot of time for some people, and it takes multiple treatments. Every relapse is dangerous, but often it takes multiple relapses before someone finally gets sober for good” [NPR.og.  David Sheff on Addiction: Prevention, Treatment And Staying ‘Clean’.  March 27, 2013 2:17 P.M. ET]

According to the New York Times editor Mick Sussman, David Sheff “has performed a vital service by compiling sensible advice on a subject for which sensible advice is in short supply” [Mick Sussman.  A Disease, Not a Crime: Clean by David Sheff.   New York Times April 19, 2013]. Do you agree with Sussman’s assessment of the senior management from the ‘Sheff’ addiction duo?
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