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Dabs — THC Concentrate — Addiction

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Dabs are a THC concentrate that comes in forms that look like a goo or “butter” and others in a “glass” or “shatter” way. It’s called a concentrate for a reason, while most good wax’s land in a percentile of 95% concentrate THC or more.

You have a tool that looks like what you would see at the dentist. This tool in a long metallic object like you had a tiny scooping piece at one end and a stabbing or jabbing piece to break up the wax on the other. You would use this to place the wax on to put into your “rig,” which is a slang word for "Wax Bong" or “Dabber.”

courtesy of dabs Dabs -- THC Concentrate -- Addiction Deluxe Dab Tool 1You can use any torch, but usually the big double fisted butane torch is what people who can get away with it goes with. The most common torch are any you would see to light a grill, stove, or more than your average candle.  You use this to heat up the nail, which is what you “swirl” or touch your wax on in order to smoke it through the “dabber”/bong.courtesy of dabs Dabs -- THC Concentrate -- Addiction 1
The wax is usually kept in a small circular plastic container. Only enough for about a gram, while some will keep much more for chronic wax users. The typical given away at dispensary systems comes in 0.5 increments and are put in containers that look like what you would keep powder or blush in.  You can even buy an assortment of colors and make them hidden in plain sight.  You could get a container for every color of the rainbow–the make them!

Courtesy of dabs Dabs -- THC Concentrate -- Addiction 818 0t9KvQLYou heat the “nail” with the butane torch until it turns red, which uses this piece to filter the wax through to your bong piece.
courtesy of the dabs Dabs -- THC Concentrate -- Addiction oil rigYou can have a nail without a dome on it or you can cover your nail with a dome piece that looks like a sphere object covering your nail. This is how you inhale the THC concentrate once it’s been put onto the nail.courtesy of dabs Dabs -- THC Concentrate -- Addiction domeandnail oh breanneNext, you put the glass globe on (if needed), swirl your dab on the nail and inhale the wax. Dabbing is an immediate rush but peaks after 15 minutes and lasting well over the regular allotted time a “bowl” of flower would (typically 2 hours for most pertinent effects with flower).

Dabs are coined as the crack cocaine of marijuana and are considered to be very dangerous as the side effects go from THC in flower at 24% averages and to 95% and above with wax.

The problem lay within the quantity of the dabs people are getting their hands on and doing at one time. With the street accessibility and most are trying to mak it themselves wax has been now deemed a felony. It seems that the more illegal a drug gets the easier it is to get stronger stuff at lower prices, right?

With the very little needed to get the job done youth and young adults are pushing the limits with THC now and doing “KO,” hits. A KO hit is where you take a mound full of the concentrate and inhale it in one quick swoop. They coin the term “Dab” after you only needing a tiny little dabble of it. The term does not describe using a mound as wide a dime and tall as a pencil though. This effect will usually concentrate your lungs with pure THC getting no oxygen through, causing the victim to pass out. This is where we get the term KO hit.

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This is a part of the new fad in ever growing addiction land. Is marijuana still considered dangerous? You decide.

*There are many ways to do THC concentrate–especially dabs–but this is the most facilitated way to use wax and is the coin to term name “Dabbing.”  There will be much discussed later on in the Dab pen and Vaporizing Wax, in future articles.

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