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Pharmaceuticals: The Ultimate Survivor

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Mass pharmaceuticals can take mental illness, slap a pill and an advertisement on it, and call it a good cause. The addicted don't have such luxuries to have media and propaganda on their side. We're looked at like monsters. Grovelers. We're looked at like beggars and thieves. We become into an almost gravel like state in our spot in the world. This is how we are seen. It’s never fair or just. It’s just how it is.

The mood becomes altered. “I just want to forget.”

pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals: The Ultimate Survivor strong as lifeDid I choose to live in this broken home? Did I choose to live a life of poverty? Did I choose to not have good food on my plate? Do you think I like feeling worthless? Helpless?

No. No, I do not!

I didn’t choose the things given to me; the hand was dealt.

You say I may make choices, but if all that we have is the past, what else is left for judgment of our life from here on out?

Did I choose for my father to beat my mother? Did you have to fight like a ‘dawg’ for your food? Or, sell drugs to pay the rent?

This isn’t safe. I didn’t choose this. The hand was dealt.

Background doesn’t matter you say? What happens to the one left with no choice? What would Karl Marx say to this? What do people who live in constant misery do?

They don’t just ‘compensate’, they survive.

Addicts are stronger than they are given credit for. Most being dealt unsubstantiated circumstances to live or even prove to function. The hand I was given was just, dealt.

Although addicts dwell out a large amount of pain, we do inflict a lot concurrently and co-currently to ourselves.

Always living with a mask to cover your face. It can get exhaustive! This isn’t the life I chose. The hand was dealt!

Courtesy of pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals: The Ultimate Survivor strong risk management“We might not be able to change what happened but, we just need to move forward. Why not just forgive?”

As if it were that easy.

Do you think that I chose to get her pregnant with twins at 17? What chance do I have with a system that doesn’t believe me or in me? This is failure from birth. I just didn’t know it yet.

What happens when my babies runs out of diapers? Or formula? Or grow out of their clothes? How am I supposed to pay for college with this hand? My children’s college. MY college!

The hand wasn’t just dealt, it was stacked from the beginning. The dealer hates me, making me deal out more than just my own misery; forcefully so.

We aren’t beggars. We certainly aren’t thieves. We just live in a time of obstructions.

Obstructions are barriers in our life that control us from moving forward.

We could debate for hours on how society or the government screw you. But, I ask you again…

pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals: The Ultimate Survivor 9k

What chance do I have when the only chance to survive is getting out of this constant misery?

Not having a choice makes for a heck a life. I feel like a puppet as the puppet master being the powerful rich white man manipulating our economy, minds and lives!

Could you blame me? I mean, what choices do I have but to conform to the only escape I know. I become addicted not by choice. I just simply cannot live like this anymore.

How can I support others who rely on me if I can’t help myself? Thanks for YOUR help, those who are powerful enough to do something!

This isn’t a question anymore, I’m telling you.

What other choice do I have?

Sometimes with the drug trade you have no other option. Whether it’s doing them or dealing them, what choice do YOU give me world?

I’m simply just surviving at this point.

I am an addict.
I am the ultimate survivor.

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