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Perspective of Marijuana from Addict and Patient

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Beginning Debate: A lot of what I do, and how you develop hypotheses for things like a thesis or even an argument is to gather qualitative data. This is data in which it captures the person(s) who are being studied feelings, culture, experiences, and perspectives. What is so crucial to figuring out the debate around Marijuana lately doesn’t lie within statistics because we normally see close to no deaths with Marijuana. So how do we formulate a concise truth on issues of health, mental health, and addictions to Marijuana?

It is important to collect data that shows perspective into the feelings and effects of Marijuana itself. It’s important to ask the: “Who, what, when, where, why [and especially] how?” How does it make you feel? What can we grow upon with this data? Will it give me answers?!

This article contains the purest of perspectives from multiple patient’s point of view and multiple addicts point of view. This was done through extensive research from patients and addicts themselves.

I asked the patient and addict similar questions about marijuana… like of the WHO do you get it from / is it safe? WHAT does it do to you? WHEN do you/did you use it? How often? And HOW does it make you feel?

The subjects generally came to a similar conclusion in their detailed written response analysis.


Argument: I've heard and came across a lot of hype with medical Marijuana lately. Even more so than just the marijuana, there has been a lot of hype around curing addiction? People ask me these things at public speaking events I’ve done at University seminars and they all give me a response before asking the question. I try to stay away from the topic, but it always get’s brought up. The subject of addiction and medical marijuana is on everyone’s mind. I stay subjective—you decide—and give you both perspectives.

There are, granted in some rare cases, where Marijuana is the only thing that cures a particular ailment (like chronic seizure disorders). I proceed with a “common” patient’s perspective with the use of medical marijuana.

Without perspective there is no starting point to finding a way to help, fix, and possibly cure things that are hard in life, addiction or not. Perspective grants the insight we as society so desperately need to answer the important questions that lead to things like social change and revolutionary breakthrough. Is there truth behind the use of medical (or not) Marijuana and the perspective actual users give us?

After asking the question “What do you feel when using Marijuana?” These are the answers I got.

This is the perspective of Marijuana from a medical patient’s point of view:


Medical Marijuana Patient’s Perspective
Courtesy of marijuana Perspective of Marijuana from Addict and Patient Marijuana 2

Patient 1:
I wake up with pure discontent in my day from the very start. The pain was stemming from my stomach. I felt the aching of being sensitive to what I eat, but no one said anything about being sensitive to not eating anything. Living with Chron’s Disease and the abdominal pain, I’d usually have a good morning vomit. This is usual and typical, until I found control in medical Marijuana. Now I start my morning off with a hit and the nearly “shitting myself” between schedule changes, goes away. I suffer from going to the bathroom and pissing out my end parts on a regular basis, it’s not pretty; I intended this to be that way. But, all I know is that when I wake up and smoke 0.5 gram – 1.0 gram of my special Indica throughout the day my symptoms go away. All I know is… I CAN EAT! FINALLY! I don’t worry about having noises come from my stomach that should be coming from my ass anymore. All I know is whatever this one hit magical wonder puff is, I just feel one thing: “Normal.” At least for a little bit I feel normal, and there are times that I have lapses with symptoms, too. But, for the most part it does more than help soothe my symptoms, it but it helps the anxiety behind having the disorder itself. It let’s me relax and be that someone that I always knew I could be. It let’s me be me. I just feel normal!

Patient 2:
I wake up with a chronic cluster migraine as I was diagnosed 2 years ago, but I've had them since I was an early teenager. This isn’t your typical migraine; this is a migraine that I’ve had for 6 days now. Sometimes these migraines don’t go away for over a week and I want to just pace the days away. It makes me so anxious. The migraines are in one particular spot and it’s always behind my left eye and upper forehead. Some would say, “You need to get that checked out.” Well, I can answer, “I have.” Chronic cluster migraines are real and they suck. It’s nothing that Excedrin fixes either! Honestly! But I’ve noticed with a slight increase in smoking a Hybrid 60/40 Indica dominant that the passages in my upper head open up. I can think again. Thinking is critical to well, human survival… duh. So, anyways, I usually go with something with an OG in the name, or a Kush. It puts me in this place that I like to be. It let’s me interact with things, people, places on my own times and takes away this dissatisfaction of my day. I felt clogged before and it was pure agitation to my life that I didn’t need, but was easily fixed. Well, nope. Not anymore. I feel A’okay, and it's better than taking a Vicodin or Oxy for the pain! I feel what most would say, “normal.” That’s a simplistic description, wouldn’t ya say? Normal. I feel normal again. The cluster migraines go away in a matter of fifteen minutes now, and are easily treated with edibles, too. The body buzz helps calm everything, including the migraines.

Patient 3:
I’ve tried to kill myself 3 times now. All of my suicide “attempts” were passive aggressive threats, I’ve been told, but I brush it off anyway. I feel these urges come on; they are like a pure shot of adrenaline with a cow needle stuck directly into my beating heart. I feel an explosion of irony and debate come on and it’s all circling around the thought of death! I am always… well was always on these damn pills to control a bunch of different symptoms. They gave me anti-depressants in high doses for anxiety, which would be the opposite of what I feel is real, but I took what my doctor said nonetheless until I found another option. Usually anti-depressents make you feel up I thought? But I was a manic depressant why would I need to be up more? It would just be agitating, so I found a medical Marijuana doctor. He got me on a plan and got me off of the pills. Medical Marijuana calmed my panic disorder induced by triggers from a previous mid-life breakdown I had. I had a complete meltdown at thirty and I don’t even feel like half of my life is over. I got hurt and live in constant fear that I will keep on hurting. The worst feeling is living with that one. The pain would be immense for long periods of times and I dealt with it for months. The pain finally went away, but there would be these times that would induce pure panic. I would feel… yes… only feel some pain and then immediately think, I am dying, or am I? Should I take my own life instead? Should I do something stupid, just because? The people that were talking me through this [completely fake btw] were urging me to act quickly on my thoughts, that were detrimental to others and me. I ended up in a psychiatric unit twice and many intensive outpatients. I had a posttraumatic stress symptom… I thought. Many say I just got triggered often, but all I know is it was complete paranoia and I was in dissolution at all times, I wasn’t a real person I felt. I smoked medical marijuana one time and “they” stopped, and I finally got some decent sleep without waking up screaming. I finally slept and yes I would say that I started acting more civilized, too. So yeah, I was pretty normal after that. That’s all I’ll comment on that subject.

Patient 4:
I have a herniated L4/L5 in my spine. That is right smack dab in the mid lower portion that has everything to do with flexibility. I use to not be able to get out of bed. I was going down the path of prescription opioid abuse and was losing muscle mass fast. So, I did my research and got with a medical marijuana doctor. I went from 200 pounds and six feet and six inches tall with very little muscle or fat to 265 pounds of muscle. My benching was up 120 pounds and 185 in squatting in one month. I could run a mile without it feeling like my muscles were falling to goo on my back. They used to tear so I gave up on exercise and food, until I found medical Marijuana. One hit every two hours and I’m regulated. I go back to functioning like my body intended. I become my version of “normal.”

Ultimately, the subjects come to one conclusion:
“It makes me feel normal.”


In most cases I deal with recovering addicts—usually in early recovery—or people still stuck in addictions. These are some in depth, detailed analyses that the one with the addiction and I came to through talking. Afterwards I ask them to write down their experience, perspective, and mindset with Marijuana. This is the perspective of Marijuana and its effects from the point of view of an Addict:

An Addicts Perspective

courtesy of

Addict 1:

I just want to be left alone when I’m sober and I never was sober, do you see the contradiction? I’ll usually force myself to go out with friends and get a little bit wild. I see why I used to use hardcore drugs. I used Marijuana too, but that was just a stabilizer, it wasn’t anything illicit. I would use it to shed the dead weight not only in my life but also with my physicality. I wouldn’t find much of a “high” from weed, and that’s as honest as I can get with it. When the drugs took me so far away, marijuana would bring me back… part of the way. I would be feeling too down and it would give me that uplift that I needed. Or, I would be feeling too up and it would relax me when I needed. It was a cure all for me. Weed for me was anything I made it. I could control those highs and it was pretty easy. Weed just made me feel more normal. I mean, I thought the drugs made me feel compelled to do things, especially things I didn’t want to do. Marijuana made me feel more civilized and it helped bring me back from some pretty rough times with drugs and relationships. My thing was that I wouldn’t usually mix them until I had come down from the illicit drugs. I counted my blessings too that they didn’t interact too much. Weed just took me from my “normal crazy” to just “normal.” I don’t smoke or do any drugs anymore and I completely recommend staying drug free and that marijuana is a drug, but at the time this is how I felt about it. I describe scenarios and it makes me feel a certain way, I know better now, that’s self-medicating.

Addict 2:
I’ve always been raised in a very strict Catholic family and faith and family was a big part of my life—it still is. I feel like I’m betraying my savior when I smoke but it feels like the only thing to get me feeling better. My mom raised me right, or I thought. She doesn’t know, she won’t until something big fucks up more in my life. I smoke a lot but it never affects me like alcohol does either. I hate alcohol and I just don’t drink it… often. And when I do interact them I get very emotional and usually start crying. I start talking about sobriety at the worst possible time, completely ruining my high. But smoking without alcohol makes me feel like I can do anything a normal person should or would. I mean yeah I’m high and it’s a drug, but it at least levels me into a person I can stand to be around. I contemplate it all too often, and feel horrible talking about it too much now, too. I wear wristbands that say “I’m number two, he’s number one.” And I ask myself, “What would God say?” I battle this all the time. If he made this plant (supposed), but it’s forbidden then why does it makes me feel the most integrated into society? Why can’t I can be on it, and is it wrong? Am I really an addict? Or is this something that makes me feel normal. Is it self-medicating? Or is it a necessity at this point. I constantly want to quit and I don’t know if I want to, but I know that I need to. What is normal anyway? I’m over writing this!

Addict 3:
I feel enormous muscle spasms come on but I’ve never been diagnosed. Sometimes I can’t control them but I twitch in my legs and eyes. That’s probably from all the years of heroin abuse. These feelings make me feel agitated. I get obsessed with feeling agitated. It’s a horrendous sight to see. I’m pissed and life starts going way too fast. I have a hot temper when I don’t feel well; everyone around me knows that when I don’t feel good to not mess with me! I’m the kind of confrontational soul that you would be burdened to piss off. Not to mention the burden to me! My mentality isn’t in a good spot. I find a lot of anger that are in a lot of spots in my life. Usually I find solace in a bowl of Marijuana twice a day. I do it once in the morning and once in the evening. Sometimes I’ll add a half of one at lunch and on other times I’ll add another whole one before bed. It levels me out, plain and simple. It’s pretty easy to figure out, it’s drug abuse I get it, but I don’t care. I usually go on a self-regulated schedule and it seems pretty typical of someone self-medicating to say, but I’m just trying to get by the best I can. We are all just human aren’t we? We just want to feel better, right? I mean… I want to be better than I currently am. This is what makes me feel normal. I don’t explode on people when I smoke non-medical (for me), which probably should be, marijuana. But, what am I gonna do? Is anger something you can be diagnosed with for medicalization? Ha! Probably not, so I’ll stay normal my own way, addict or not.

But ultimately, the subjects come to one conclusion:
“It makes me feel normal.”

I leave no more than the evidence provided and no personal opinion now. Now, the speculation is for you to contribute and figure out an answer. Create a movement in whatever direction that you feel is right, that's what is most important. Right or wrong, you are entitled to an opinion and say on such a speculated and controversial issue.

Is this perspective on medical (or not) Marijuana a new starting point for hypotheses and finding true answers, instead of all the hoopla and debate surrounding it like a damn UFO crashed or something? It could be but that is for you to decide! What’s your stance on medical Marijuana and Addiction? What’s your stance on just Marijuana? Medical or not, we all have opinions, especially when it concerns addiction. These are just some case studies from an overall collective study, providing some truth that we can grow and experience new possibilities with. Where does your truth lie?

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