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Rob Ford: "You Can't Ridicule a Dead Man… Even for Crack."

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When I asked my dad his stance on Rob Ford he said, “You can’t ridicule a dead man. You just can’t do it!” But boy is he wrong as popular debate is that Rob Ford, “Died of his more acceptable disease” (CNN, 2016). While Ford was met with empathy and arms wide open when he announced he was dying of cancer, the tables have now turned while his most recent video—smoking crack—has gone viral. Humanity has seemed to go completely out the window now that he’s mocked and ridiculed all over the internet, seen belligerently intoxicated, smoking crack cocaine. But where does our humanized morals come into play when a once respected politician doing good for this world is throw in the gutter to rot away; just like most any addicts are in the general public. In my personal opinion, that shouldn’t be the case. Yet, I can’t put a mussel on the dogs who’ve come out to play over a poor man’s demise; once a powerful elite suffering valiantly with courage during a cancer battle, now is seen as “the guy who smoked crack and got caught.”

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It seems that back in 2013 people were writing about Rob Ford as if he was a man suffering from a disease, although he is no different than anyone else out there in the World. Cancer was portrayed as the more acceptable disease, until the rest of civilization found out he was struggling from addiction and alcoholism. And where we still want to hold a majority of nonbiased opinions on addictions and alcoholism, he wasn’t completely seen as “one of the herd” until he was, quote un-quote, “Diagnosed with what is unequivocally accepted as a ‘real’ disease, that many were able to accept, forgive and even admire his fight to survive.” (CNN, 2016).

Now what Rob Ford battled with was that his diseases were two in the same. They were both killing him, but a man in the public’s eye, was only accepted for one. And for the one he was not accepted for, it far outweighed the other one. The addiction had taken Rob Ford’s life that he’d worked so hard to strive for greatness and thrown it down the drain in the public’s eye. But when he struggles with a disease that is also killing him—cancer—there seems to be a sense of remorse and no stigma attached to it other than, “How can we help?” So my question is that why do we see Rob as a hypocrite, loser, and downright failure whom we can derail from anything he’s ever accomplished with addiction, compared to having cancer granting him benevolence and a humane sense of empathy? He immediately goes from the good Samaritan next door, to the dirty, used, and disgusting person hurting people with his lies and addiction. I find this unacceptable!


MY NOTE TO HATERS: I’ve been through addiction, still battling it, and it doesn’t take away my accomplishments, just for today. There are many families out there who are left to keep their mouths closed about loved one’s deaths and blame them on thing like cancer, when in fact, alcoholism and drug use can cause liver cancer. So, the next time you’re going to a funeral of one of your loved ones don’t hold a bias, because we all live and love the same, as we all pass and go to heaven the same. He forgives for our sins, and we are nothing more than a creation of God, so who are you to call Rob Ford out on his life with cancer or his life with addiction? If I weren’t to forgive you of something in the same caliber but it hold just a different title or stigma—I’m not blind—how can we call ourselves civilized without ridding this bias? 

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We idolize Jimi Hendrix, Chris Farley, and Kurt Cobain although all of their lives circled addictions and alcoholism. And now when they pass, how is this any different than a man that’s done more than his civic duty? So, to all the haters, I won’t say shame on you but rather ask you to reevaluate the way you look at the world we live in. There are many things I don’t know, there many things you don’t know, but the greatest pleasure is knowing that there’s plenty of things we don’t know about each other and shouldn’t. Because when that day comes that a videotape of you—unbeknownst—has gone viral, or you find out your teenage son has overdosed on alcohol, or grandma’s glass of wine every night has called irreversible stomach ulcers, who’s shoulder will you have left to cry on than the other still sick and suffering addict when you’ve run absolutely everyone else out of your life because of your not ignorant (because you do know, but stupid behavior? Get off the internet and trying to defame someone struggling, and get out there and help them to make a difference instead! Donate some of your time to doing good, instead of becoming addicted to this illicit and stupid online rant itself. If I didn’t know any better, America is just as addicted to malice and hardship in the wrong ways as anyone could be addicted to drugs or alcohol. So, remember when you go to call someone a drug addict, addictions don’t stop just at drugs!


--Be kind, but be wise.

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