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My Ecstasy Driven Night!

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My friends and I started our journey at the park near 5 mile, right outside the suburbs of Detroit. There was a small park there with a ton of exploring to be done. The exploring was in our mind, on our bodies, and with illicit substances. Today was the day that I’d try ecstasy.

You take a couple of triple-stacks, usually the pink playboys or blue Mitsubishi’s would do it! How the hell I knew this at the fifteen-years-old was beyond me, but hey, youth addiction is becoming pretty common.

courtesy of World Resources institute

Scoot rolls up, being the wheeler-dealer he was, with a full mason jar of pills. Thank God I cut ties with him after that day. He was bound to get caught by the FBI, and he did… “Hey guys! Let’s go explore…” he says, as if we weren’t already out of our minds! I was over in the corner of the gravel yard in the park rubbing my face on anything that gave off a rough or meaningful vibration to up my high! 

Soon we headed off to McDonalds because we were trying to give our mind the fuel it needed to get through the night. “Waters are free here, right?” we asked, as if we already knew the answer. “Yes, they are!” we get as a response. While everyone is counting who’s all in the car and how many are back at home or at the park I lean forward and scream… “I’ll take 15 MC-Waters, now!” and if seemed to go over okay, although the looks I got were beyond this world! I asked them if they were getting some too, and then the register lady said that’ll be enough for one trip… so three trips through the same line we ended up coming back with 45 MC-Waters and a couple of OJ’s to increase our trip…

Time passes by and I’m set up on the grass rubbing my face in it to feel the structures taking me to different dimensions. Although I was supposed to be staying the night at Kev’s house that night, he was long gone with some other group, although this was his neighborhood we were in.

Somehow I ended up hanging out with Scoot and pretty soon 45 minutes north of Detroit with no clue where I was except that it was in the middle of a field with one bare house for miles. They were clearly growing pot in the background and on my way there I’d somehow taken a nap in the back of his pick-up truck due to the sub-woofers being out of this world for vibrancy! I climbed through the back window of his truck going full speed on the highway and all I remember was him telling me to close my eyes and let the “booms” and “thuds” control my night…courtesy of Great Lakes 4X4

Pretty soon I wake up to the middle of a pot field where we find Darren tagging on this girl he’s been crushing on for a while, although I knew it was a bad idea! Her boyfriend was right out front and fresh off his most recent trip from Afghanistan. Not to mention he did side-street fighting for fun. But hey, as long as she didn’t moan too hard, right?

The house was filled with a toothless family and somewhat new friends all downing paint thinner and blunts, while I remember nothing other than sitting in the room watching Darren get it on, while I ripped the sheets off of his bed! The night sort of faded out from there and I awoke back at Kev’s house with no recollection of getting there…

Kev’s Grandma wakes me up to an aspirin and glass of water saying that it’ll help the hangover, although she probably didn’t know what kind it was. I could feel the holes searing through my brain as Kev walks in and tells me some odd statistic about how every pill I took last night blew four holes in my brain… Great way to wake up huh? Not to mention it feels like he just punched me in the gut, as he walks by and literally does it telling me that my liver “won’t thank me later!”

So moral of the story being three things:

  1. Youth addiction is real, no I’m not a trend setter
  2. Drugs are bad… mmkay? Besides the physical repercussions too!
  3. Lastly, kids have way too much trust now a day if I was 15 and accomplished all of this! 

courtesy of quick meme

It makes for one hell of a story that I’ll never want to relive. Heck, I hate glorifying it if that’s what this seemed like, but I’d rather not sugar coat it and tell the truth with some solid answers on why not to than keep it in my hole driven brain! Amen for sobriety, at least I have some sanity to my day now and am working on a solid foundation of health. God bless yawl and use this information wisely!

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