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Poor Choice Bradley Cooper...

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Hey! I thought Bradley Cooper was well over 2 years sober, right? At least in real life he is. But “Limitless” is a different story. Limitless is a movie—now TV show—where Bradley Cooper starts out as a nobody, someone down on their luck, until he’s introduced to this drug called NZT. 

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At first Cooper couldn’t think and all of his relationships in his life were failing. But, once he takes NZT he is more than fully functioning. And no… not like a fully functioning alcoholic either. In fact, he’s so highly adept to doing things above and beyond the ordinary that he ends up being able to run for Congress, and then President. The TV show is an adaption of the “designer” nootropic medication NZT, with cameos by Bradley Cooper.

So, after hearing all of this I hope you have a firm grasp on the movie, but more or less the TV show, because that’s what I’ll be referencing in terms of drug addiction. If you haven’t seen them I know the TV show is on Netflix and the movie might be downloadable elsewhere, too. But for the sake of argument, in short, this show is promoting a drug that is overall “supposedly” helping people, and kicking ass and taking names; with no side effects per Bradley Cooper’s top secret formula.

Now I ask you: Is this TV show advocating illicit drug use to a point that it’s unsafe for television? Or is it just saying that people can function on drugs? Either way I think they may have their message a bit switched up.

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In the show the lead character—on NZT—constantly is fighting with his father about how the FBI (supplier of NZT) is keeping him doped up and drug addicted for their malicious purposes. He’s not wrong, but then again the main character makes some points that we have to argue. He says: 1) “I’m better than I’ve ever been.” 2) “It helps me feel better.” And 3) “Dad, really! I’m okay, trust me.”

Now aren’t these things that we’ve all heard before when battling a loved one, or even ourselves, in the grips of addiction. I remember using the “Dad, really! I’m okay, trust me,” one quite a bit of times. But while in all reality I was in way over my head. And you’re right this show isn’t a bit of reality, but it plays off our deepest fears; while still being a thrill comedy.

My deepest fear? What if everyone got their hands on NZT and claimed a magical cure. It doesn’t seem to be too far out of the ordinary with the opiate epidemic at hand that so many people are using it, covering up so many things, claiming their okay, until… overdose. And that would be the eventual side-effect that they succumb to in the movie if Bradley Cooper hadn’t invented a secret side-effect reversal drug. Which in my opinion seems to look a bit like Narcan, the reversal drug for the opiate epidemic.

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Now as much as I love the TV show, my original justification for writing this article seems to hold true… their facts on drug abuse and codependency seem to be way off. And in a world that is needed superior role models who advocate sobriety, not a secret pill that cure’s all with a little bit of Narcan, I’d say Cooper and his whole team of writers need to revisit their input to the movie and television show. Because, it’s definitely putting the wrong message out there for our youth. And for someone who’s been in sobriety as long as Bradley Cooper has been he should know better on what roles to advocate for, and not for. I won’t finish by saying “shame on you Cooper,” or “You should’ve known better!” But we all know this debate was at the tip of every addicts’ tongue, especially with such a leader in the recovery movement.

A little bit of food for thought Cooper. Thank God I didn't take the "Hangover" to pick apart, dear Lord! But, keep that acting shit up Coop, you’re good at it…

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  • Maureen H Loyacono on

    I am not now nor have I ever used recreational drugs for a high or whatever they produce. I do believe that shows like LIMITLESS deceiving to viewers. The implication is that somehow one can do this illegal and weird drug and its okay, etc. I stopped watching. I don’t watch MOM either. Perhaps it serves a purpose, but I quit after one show. I never find alcohol abuse amusing or worth my time watching a major actor make it somehow interesting and romanticize it into comedy. The addiction causes pain, and all of us have been touched by that with friends and family who were addicted. It is my life experience that it is never funny or grounds for humor. I like the site I found this article on and will follow such information.

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