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Irrationality–Living with Addiction–Living with an Addict

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Addiction is hard to understand for everyone, including the addict. Most living with an addict claim the times of irrationality are hard to handle.

courtesy of irrationality Irrationality--Living with Addiction--Living with an Addict ration irration 01Addicts deal in emotional or physical outburst and view a lot of things close or far to them as an attack. Don’t ever question an addict’s addiction to drugs, as most addicts are in denial of their drug problems. Bringing up the elephant in the room only explodes the addict into a barrage of claiming innocence in a non-tactful manner.

This only seems to further the problem and send the addict into a deeper addiction, questioning their intentions, and creating a furthering drug addiction. But, how do you deal living with an addict? It's tough.

As an addict continues his appeal to the drugs the ones around him/her are in a state of agreement because they believe the one they love should know best. This is a delicate issue for many, and myself too; knowing that when living with an addict your blind to the addiction but the damage still keeps coming. Your love for the person puts sunglasses on and dulls the irrationality, but it’s a tan without the sunblock.

As I’m not the only one who has dealt with addictions that I know or whom has lived with in my illustrious “moving around” the denial that both parties in and around the addiction aren’t a fault or a blame, but a cry for passion on one end and a cry for help on another. Both seemingly great objectives and set on the same path as they don’t even know it. It’s hard to say that passion doesn’t play a role into addiction when it gets down to abuse or indulgence, but which direction are these paths of passion and help on? As no one knows where to begin in such treacherous waters the cycle continues until another outburst of anger and emotions happen.

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At least with me and my addiction I know that every time someone said, “What’s wrong with you?” even unbeknownst to my addiction I would always answer, “Why the fu#& do you care?” I'd hold an instant grudge and gravitate closer to the questioner in attitude and physicality. I was irrational and in a state of denial with myself, the question, and with the truth, I am an addict but it was so hard to admit it. I cried out in a heat of passion when I was finally ready, “Help me!”

It takes time for the realization process to occur, but an addict must come to this realization on their own, as did I. I got clean when I asked for help and when everyone asked the question, “How can we help you?” I didn’t lie, I just checked myself straight into a rehabilitation center. I decided to get clean, but the ones who dealt with the addiction for so long didn’t leave. The ones who mattered stuck around. So for those living with addiction, you are loved, and those living with addicts, thank you for loving so much!

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