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21 Celebrities and their Drug[s] of Choice

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21 Celebrities and their Drug[s] of Choice

1. Angelina Jolie has done most of the illicit narcotics you can think of. In an interview in 1996 with “The Mirror” she was stated to have done just about every drug possible, such as: Cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, and her claimed favorite heroin.

2. In an interview with Newsweek in 2011 George Clooney claimed to have “drank the bong water.”

3. Megan Fox claims she had been coerced into trying many drugs (like cocaine) during bar/party scenes. She says many of these drugs being passed around are prescription narcotics. But the only thing Fox could get into enjoying is Marijuana.

4. On “The Oprah Winfrey Show” (1995), Oprah Winfrey stated that she was doing cocaine in the ‘70s with her boyfriend while working as an anchorwoman in Nashville. She says, “I had a perfect, round, little Afro, I went to church on Sunday and I went to Wednesday prayer meetings when I could… and I did drugs.”

5. We all know Drew Barrymore from one of her first—and breakout—roles in E.T. But Barrymore is also known for starting to smoke marijuana at the age of 10 ½. Later in life she developed a cocaine habit and was known for it getting worse as time went on.  This was most likely from growing up as a child star.

6. Morgan Freeman states from “The Guardian in 2003”: “Never give up the ganja.” Clearly Morgan Freeman inhales—quite often.

7. In a 2011 Newsweek interview Dennis Quaid was known for spending his movie roll budget on cocaine.  He went on claiming it was petty cash to him.

8. Nicolas Cage has been confirmed by sources to go on binges with friends with mushrooms. Now I see how he got bankrupt so fast, he simply went “spacy.”

9. Fergie is known for her promiscuous look in the Black Eyed Peas and her solo career.  One could guess she got “into a scene” with the lifestyle she leads. Her progression of drugs went from ecstasy to crystal meth. She got down to and unhealthy 90 pounds because of her habit.  [stated from “Oprah’s Next Chapter, 2012.”]

10. Sigmund Freud one of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of all time was known quite extensively for his habits in cocaine. In a letter he wrote to his fiancé Freud claimed that if all goes well with his studies in cocaine and its links to depression he will be able to write a breakthrough essay on its “remarked” effects to treat various symptoms.

11. Thomas Edison was on the forefront of creation and unity for all mankind. Edison was known to mix wine and coca leaves to create a “Cocaine Elixir.”

12. Steve Jobs, the man who built Apple from his garage icourtesy of celebrities 21 Celebrities and their Drug[s] of Choice steve jobss known for using LSD quite heavily in his most innovative times. I see how he got the idea for the iPhone and having for Siri to talk to you. I would want someone to talk to while tripping on LSD, too. Jobs claims that his experimentation with LSD was one of the two or three most important things he had done in his life.

13. Bill Gates also claims in a Playboy Magazine interview to of experimented with LSD extensively. He claims in the interview to have never missed a single day of work while abusing LSD.

14. Carl Sagan whom is one of the most known astrophysicist and cosmologists didn’t just smoke Marijuana but highly advocated for it enhancing intellectual pursuits. He was and is a very “spacy” man to say the least.

15. Brad Pitt claimed in a drug confession that he is 100% for legalization of drugs as long as whoever is doing them isn’t corrupting minors, driving dangerously, or causing harm to others. I wonder what kind of drugs Brad Pitt does?

courtesy of celebrities 21 Celebrities and their Drug[s] of Choice article 2130175 129CB33E000005DC 39516. Whoopi Goldberg claims that her habits are smoking cigarettes and pot “every now and then.” How much of a habit does she have? She won’t say, but these are her indulgences.

17. Joel Madden of the rock band “Good Charlotte” claims that without cigarettes he would be doing heroin on a daily basis. I don’t know what his claims are for this basis, but addictions feed addictions. So clearly, whatever you say Joel…

18. Anthony Kiedis the lead singer for the band “Red Hot Chili Peppers” is known to have done just about everything on and under the table. He has had severely rough days with drug use, he grew up with them. He didn’t until recently grow out of them. His habits included vicious tolls of heavy heroin and cocaine abuse.

19. Naomi Campbell claims to have been offered cocaine at one of her concerts in Europe. She said the feeling of invincibility and being able to (falsely) accomplish anything is how you become an addict.

20. Keith Richards the lead singer of “The Rolling Stones” is known for his unbelievably hardening times with heroin. Richards had experiments with an exorbitant amount of other illicit drugs—which is an understatement. But to end on a “high” note, the strangest thing Richards claimed to have snorted in his addiction was his father. His father was cremated and Richard’s states that he couldn’t resist the urge to mix his fathers ashes in with a little bit of blow. Richards’s claims that his dad wouldn’t have cared. What do you think of this?

21.  Number 21 wasn’t even 21 when he became an alcoholic.  *SORRY HARRY POTTER FANS*  Daniel Radcliffe was known for being a self destructive alcoholic during his time on and off set of the Harry Potter movies.  His addiction started at a young age as he had trouble being a childhood star.  Emma Watson seems to be doing well but Radcliffe has made some more mistakes in acting even while staying away from alcohol recently.

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