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Superman Pills–Lacing–Addiction

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A new trending “Superman” pill has been killing “consumers” near the Netherlands, as a string of deaths happened over the Christmas days of 2014 from the “lacing” of ecstasy batches in the area. This scandal not now being involved in media until January and February of 2015!Courtesy of lacing Superman Pills--Lacing--Addiction 200 s This isn't a shock that this scandal has been covered up. But YOU can make a difference to this madness. The more people that know the less overdoses we can have! Education is our key, but this is how you can take action! Let people know, because you never know who will need the advice!

WARNING FROM EUROPE: “Superman” pills

January 16, 2015-

On January 16, 2015 posted an article about “Superman” pills. How ironic for something that has been killing people, right? I dig “RECOVERYMAN” better!

These occurrences were happening near the Netherlands.

Apparently, they were selling MDMA, or what was stated as “molly,” in lethal doses. The alert went out for the pill with a “distinctive Superman logo.”

They go on stating that the drug was laced with “PMMA (paramethoxymethylamphetamine). Though, sources cite that no such pill has surfaced in the United States.

PMMA is considered to be somewhat of a light-shatterproof, glass like substance. It’s most commonly known as acrylic glass. A big number of dealers are known for lacing substances like cocaine with “fiber-glasses” and “baking-soda” type substances. This seems to correlate very highly with those scenarios. PMMA is (before broken up) most known in the market as things like “Plexi-glass.”

There are multiple drugs on this Earth to tamper with, and the phenomenon is called “lacing.”

According to Dr. Caroline Chatwin, who's a criminologist from the University of Kent, states:

“Government agencies had not made public information on the dangers of the triangular-shaped pills, which are similar to ecstasy and bear a Superman logo, and had undermined their commitment to policies which claim to reduce harm through prohibition.”
[Courtesy of The Telegraph December 2014]

As it has been stated on that no Superman pills have made it to the United States yet, that doesn’t mean that PMMA (paramethoxymethamphetamine) hasn’t made its way in other forms. In a post dating back to January 31st, 2012 by the Huffington Post there were 8 deaths in Alberta due to “Toxic Methamphetamine” containing “high levels of PMMA.”

Seeing a similar trend in wording in the article and the Huffington Post article, it’s an almost identical scenario.

According to the source the main drug in the said overdosed persons system was not the intended drug. The main component was actually PMMA. It was “laced” with PMMA.

We have had a scare with heroin lacing with fentanyl and are now seeing an uprising of lacing ecstasy (MDMA), with PMMA.

It’s sad to say that we find such horrible things in the world. But, the correlation is phenomenal, and phenomenally devastating.

Many dealers “lace” products to “cut” the price of their product or add a higher amount of their product to their collection for redistribution.

We are seeing extremely common trends among lacing not only in one drug but many drugs.

This is what most social scientists would call an intersectionality. An intersectionality is basically summed down to a really REALLY big scientific correlation between a lot of funky things = great research > great ideas > great change!

We can highly conclude that it’s not just PMMA and fentanyl lacing that is happening and killing many of people. There are definitely more drugs being laced with many of different things. This is a mandatory social concern, and I strongly urge you to educate yourself on the harms of lacing if you know someone you love suffering from addiction.

So, inform every one of the dangers, because you may not know who needs the advice. Drugs are killing many of our loved ones, but through years of devastation and degradation, although; yet, sometimes through a sudden halt… an overdose.

Some don’t survive an addiction, as they come in many forms, but many also do come back to tell the tale of recovery and hope.

Although, with the lacing we see and trends that we see in all drugs, those who come across a laced “batch” of drugs, stand no chance.

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