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15 drug addiction excuses

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What are the addiction excuses you get told when someone says, “Why not just clean up?” Is this a little bit blunt on your part by asking? Or is everyone else just making excuses to cover their tracks. Well, maybe you could have used some better tact!  Or they could come clean. All in God’s great time. In the meantime, here’s some commonly used addiction excuses we’ve heard along the way:

1) I don’t want to be clean. I don’t like how I feel when I’m sober. I prefer being numb.   Everything is so much easier that way!

2) It takes my mind off of distractions. So many fucking distractions. I can just, focus.

3) How could you beat the euphoria? There’s no beating it!

4) If I’m depressed there’s cocaine.  If I’m anxious there’s heroin.Then there’s point for everything. Why change?

5) Drugs are my escape. Where else would I go?

6) Drugs just made me so much more creative! What if I lose that spark?

7) From the first time they (drugs) blew my mind! It’s too hard to say no now!

8) Drugs (like heroin) are the best to have sex on! Fucking wild!

9)  It’s too uplifting when everything else around you is shit!

10) I was a riot before, drugs calmed me down… or so I thought.

11) Things like LSD enlighten me. How could I risk losing that?addiction excuses 15 drug addiction excuses excuses

12) It’s something to do… boredom.

13) I can’t give up the girls and sex. It gives me so much confidence… in the bedroom.

14) It feels good. That’s it.

Most commonly used phrase by beginning addicts who urge the fix in a simple way

15) It helps me. Helps me think, sleep, eat, function.  I haven’t had enough time without it to think that way!

We say:


Does it really now? Think these answers over truthfully to yourself. What’s any psycho babble going to mock up to? A self-fulfilling prophecy. Born for failure. This is just a cover-up! These are called false emotions. Try coming off the drugs then, tell me how you feel! Drugs are the enablers, not your answers (excuses). What can we do to change this? Maybe nothing but wait and let it play itself (the situation) out. With one simple answer we give you, reservations.

Are these really excuses, or are they what the program calls reservations? That’s for you to decide with this insight. But, all things considered, people’s pain is real. Excuse or not we all have crutches. Some people use illicit drugs (a nonviolent crime) and some people use other less stigmatized substances. With these responses we learn not all pain is wrong and all pain, while individualized, is still pain for the common man. Are you holding on to any reservations? Or just chucking it off to excuses?

Don’t be an enabler. Be a GO-GETTER! Why? Because, life’s a heckkkkk of a lot better with a stay effing positive attitude!

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