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18 reasons you’re Addicted to Coffee

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    1. Frank the Tank! Have you ever shot-gunned a beer in your addiction?  Well, when you’re sober it’s a bit different!  Have you ever woke up and chugged a coffee just to find out that you had an instant sigh of relief from it?  Satisfying that urge and craving with a quick fix may still be feeding evil addictions.  But, with a slight different kind of rush?
    2. “It’s Important” Have you been running late to a meeting and made that extra burst of effort to get a caffeine buzz in before you meeting?  Does it help you gain that edge?  Be aware, that extra rush can manifest itself into a dependent state!  Just because you feel it’s important, is it?coffee 18 reasons you're Addicted to Coffee coffee addict
    3. Pre-set Timers Before bed are you struggling to keep your eyes open to get the coffee preset for the morning.  It’s a habit! Whoa, slow your nellies!  Take it easy!  Pace yourself.  There are differences between use and abuse… with everything!  Don’t over exert yourself for someone that will give you that little kick in the ass.  Find positive outlets, not substances!
    4. “I just LOVE the taste!” Do you feed those evil hungers with the sensation of a lavished and lustered latte?  How good does it taste?  Pretty damn good, right?  Remember it’s natural to an extent.  You know your own body’s limits (or you should be trying to with a healthy spirit!).  If everything that tastes like candy but treats you like a poison was to taste like it’s reality to your system, would we still drink it?  Poison with over exertion!
    5. Dating someone for the taste of their mouth?  Do you know how some people don’t like kissing people who smoke cigarettes because of their breath?  Well, some people love to date fellow coffee drinkers because of the taste left in their mouth by the coffee!  It’s true!  This could become a problem.
    6. Instinct Do you treat yourself to making fancy coffees over teaching yourself how to cook?  Putting coffee first can be just as harmful as putting any other substance first in your life!
    7. Binging! Do you treat coffee as if it were free flowing?  Do you imagine coffee guzzling down a tube to your mouth? Do you fantasize about gulping the special drink down for its affect?  Dosing yourself with coffee just like binge drinkers can do is another form of addiction.  You don’t have to be an alcoholic to be a binge drinker!
    8. Coffee Parties Do you buy specialty coffee for just any occasion?  Any occasion that is over done and overplayed can become habit forming.  Parties are okay, as long as they are responsible!  Remember; be safe with more than just alcohol and drugs! Everything can create an addiction.
    9. Leave the Pot Are you at breakfast and the waiter comes by with coffee to fill your cup and you reply: “Just leave the pot.”  Do you make a silent grin when you say it?  Maybe there’s a little too much lust for the coffee and the feeling it gives you!   How about asking for a water to go with a limited dosing of coffee?
    10. No Cream Do you ever purposefully take your coffee black to leave less room for cream?  Do you make sure that your cup is taking the full capacity of its coffee abilities?  Don’t over indulge!
    11. His Name is “Beast!” Do you name your coffee mugs? Do you name the brands of your coffee in a specific way?  Is one coffee more ‘beastly’ than another? Do you prefer a certain coffee cup (like BIG ONES!)?   Everything in moderation my friends.
    12. Hey YOU!  The person attending to you at your local coffee shop knows you by first name!  Does this remind anyone of someone else that you made acquaintances with during addictive habits?  Dealers? Wheelers? Does this all sound all a little bit too familiar?
    13. Marriage!  You would secretly marry your coffee, if it were possible.  This is seriously habit forming.  It is also illegal!
    14. Sex- Do you ever fantasize about your coffee?  Try not to think about this more than other fantasies.  Fantasies can lead to serious triggers.  Any trigger in any form can lead to relapse of not just coffee!
    15.  “Caff up” If you know what this means then enough has been said!  Would you like the extra shot of espresso with that?
    16. Shoes You own an assortment of delicate coffee selections, for specific occasions.  The situation is just like your girlfriend who has too many shoes! You’re running out of space in your cabinets for coffee!
    17. Sex Taking breaks during sex to grab that extra “caff up” can be problematic for not just you, but your partner as well!
    18. Pre-gamming Do you ever drink coffee for special occasions?  Do you purposefully drink it before just any occasion? This is the same as pre-gamming with alcohol!   You may or may not be in college, but we all understand what pre-gamming is and how out of control it can get!


  • 2 scoops 1 cup Do you ever put more than one scoop of ground coffee per drink you make?  This is called abuse!
  •     Addicted You may be seriously addicted to the addiction itself.  Addicts addicted to coffee? Psshhh! Anyone can become addicted to such an accessible substance! Anyone!


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