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A Tale For All: A New Recovery Romance

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A Tale For All: A New Recovery Romance–I start by letting the words flow as if I’ve spoken them before, although it all seems so new to me this time and the times to come again. This life is like an effortlessly sublime river flowing through the garden of Eden, I am new to this path, only to have my forefather guide with the light. His name be of no importance, but what I do know is that it’s worked for him before. I walk through the path with his hand in mine, but begin a new move, a new hope, a new reason to fight for hope. A new recovery.

He says, “Don’t take the forbidden fruit, for you will become different.” Although the resistance is strong, I have to admit the temptation is far too bountiful. I take a bite and I cannot go back, for now this is who I am. I will not restrain myself from the devil inside, or angels in our past, for I will see the glory again… sooner than I think.

Is this corruption or is it real? The path is now laid before me. It’s a strong pull back, but a war that I do not fight alone. We all give what we have, I am not a lawyer of the law, but I own the right to say, “This is my heart, my righteous path… will you take it with me?”

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So, I say goodbye to the lifetime of ignorance and fulfill a blissful, yet truthful humanity. For now, with the apple we are now all, human. But no, we will not suffer, we will not live a faint but fair life. We will be given a boast of colors and an array of choices. All causes leading to the perpetual reality, that I, I today am one in the same brothers and sisters whom struggle from a universal ail.

This war raged upon all of us, and will be one that is won not by a sole perpetrator but by a collection of our loves come, our loves past, and our love to grow beyond all of it or that. It will be won by the same resources we started it with, with the bite of a different deed, together we will grow.

The truth is fair in that we do not grow tolerant, we mustn’t; we can’t. We grow, as if we are now a pedal on our own tree, the tree of humanity, growing above and beyond the poison that’s rotted our veins for so long. So, which to choose, you ask? There may be no right, no wrong. There is human and human alike, making these choices every day. For our fortification will be within the fight, to stop in plain sight and say:

“I have this right. I make my choice. Today I will do right. Today, I will fight, fight day and night… for the recovery movement’s spotlight. As we share this struggle, we share this plight. Today, is the day I will shine my voice, and fight!”

Will you fight?

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