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3 Tips to Deal with Suicidal Thoughts

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1.  Focus on one thing not many

Thinking of too many things at once may be why we’ve gotten ourselves into this situation of suicidal thinking in the first place. Life can become overwhelming and really force one to think… “Is there a way to slow all these thoughts down? Maybe I should just quit?” That is exactly right where the negative thoughts want you to be, but it’s sure as hell a place we can get ourselves out of. Pick one thing, one fixation, one positive aspect and concentrate on that, and only that. Social sciences say that training the brain in times of desperation to leave the negative thoughts for even fifteen seconds at a time can give you what is called a “mental reprieve.” These times are what we call simply “a break.” No I don’t mean you’re breaking down either! Don’t focus on that now… What I mean is that if we can distract our mind from the flooding of negativity and get it on ANYTHING else but the many, and get it to the few, or even a solitary thought—known as a mental break—our minds will start to condition themselves into taking these breaks more often. The more often we take these breaks the more often we are able to get out of whom I ask? Get out of “Ourselves.” By getting out of us and into a daily routine as discussed above, you are therefor overcoming the hardest obstacle, our own thinking mind. So take a step back and focus on simply one thing “right now,” and make sure to “not focus on everything,” because sometimes that is simply too hard to handle. It sounds contradictory but it’s one of the best pieces of advice that I’ve gotten to keep me from breaking down and actually doing the dirty deed. This is one of the greatest reasons I never gave into any of my suicidal thoughts. I simply got out of myself and into one thing that was able to keep my mind on an even, positive, hearty lifestyle keel.   Like many sayings in certain programs go… “One day at a time.” Well with these types of thoughts let’s take it one moment, one idea, one step back towards positivity at a time! You can do it!

2. Assure yourself that you won’t act RIGHT NOW

One of our worst fears in life is that something bad will happen right now. I know I always used to think, “Right now sucks so bad! If it won’t end me, I’ll end it right now!” Well, this is one of the most detrimental mindsets we can have. With acting in the now and acting on impulse we may do something catastrophic that we truly regret. We could—if we act right now—do something that we may never be able to take back ever again. We may hurt not just one person in this moment of impulse either. The point of this is to assure ourselves that we won’t act right now once bad thoughts arise. Be sure that once that moment of impulsivity has passed you know that YOU ARE PAST THE WORST PART OF IT ALL! Once we convince ourselves that right now may not be a good time to do THIS or THAT (whatever negative thought you’re thinking is) then the mind will already train itself to move to, “okay what’s next.” Well, I’ll tell you what’s next… Recovery. Simply believe that we don’t and won’t do this right now, then you’re already one step in the right direction for recovery!

3. Stay Busy For The Right Reasons not the Wrong Ones

This may sound easy but this is one of the hardest things to do when you’re caught up in the “what if’s.” When having suicidal tendencies I was always worried about “What if this happened?” or courtesy of suicidal thoughts 3 Tips to Deal with Suicidal Thoughts wrongforright“What if that was to happen?” I was worried about all of these bad things would happen to me, but they had no premise, no specific cause that spurred them. A lot of people would tell me, “Just get out and do something with your time!” And I thought to myself, “Well I am doing something… I’m trying to save an utter catastrophe!” And that right there is the exact reason of why we need to stay busy for the right reasons, not the wrong reasons. In my suicidal thoughts I was clearly always busy… but worried. By taking time to spend on the simplicities of life and do things that got me out of myself and into something else I was able to retract from the “what if’s” and negative consequential thoughts. By keeping my mind occupied and my feet moving, my blood that was pooling in my head moved towards the ground, and I was able to finally breath. This in sciences is called “grounding yourself.” I remember when I would get worried that I would always pace and race around asking people, “Are you sure?” or “Is it really going to be okay?” Well, what if I took that pacing and put it into something different… busy work. Busy work can simply be any single solitary thing that gets you from doing what you were doing, into something positively reinforcing. This could save not only you that time, but save your life!

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