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A New Perspective on Boredom–Maybe it’s not all bad?

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Many have said that boredom will kill you, or only time will tell. I think a lot have heard sayings like this. Patience, being a number one catalyst in most people’s addictive traits, it’s hard to mask boredom with anything else other than anxiety or depression (some would say). If you’re not masking the space, the extra time, and the “so-called void” with living in a turntable in your mind, you could be masking those feelings with self-medication or addictive behaviors, too. When you don’t know what to do, how do you figure out well… what to do? Right?

Patience is a virtue, but not for people who have relied on immediate releases for such a long time. Most addicts, or those going through an addictive time, have a hard time waiting for things as simple as a yes or no answer to a simple question. How do you expect us to wait when there is no set guideline or timetable to show you where to go, or that it will be okay? This can result in a hurricane of emotions! It can be tough for many, many people to swallow! There are links to depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and irrational fears, all because of boredom. I’m glad we are finding ways to brand our culture even more! “End the stigma” I would say, but I don’t want to get too off topic and bore you.

I know this may all sound very boring to you… but it’s true. I’m doing my best not to be boring, hoping I haven’t lost you yet! aHA! Moving on…

William S. Burroughs whom is the author the Naked Lunch’s (1959) ensemble of paranoid addiction trips, and trips on addiction rambles on to say, “In the U.S., you have to be a deviant or die of boredom.”

Sitting here alone, with a cat to my left and a television set to off on my right, the dead silence just starts to creep in. The effects of nothing are astounding for a world outside and mind inside, as chaotic as mind. Unreal!

Closing my eyes, I breathe, focus… ah what was I talking about anyways. Boredom!

Everyone now a day is full of feeling emotions. Doctors want to put labels and stamps on terms like anxious or hyper. Doctors are also putting terms on too much inactivity or sleeping a lot… depression. We have a reason for everything now. We simply have too much reason. Haven’t you heard that some things are better left unknown?

It’s hard to say that boredom isn’t a big factor in all of this, but with a world dead set on keeping activity levels high cross culturally, the expectations for failure are already set right there. We’ve set it up to lose with this perspective, or mindset, from the start! Start with a new perspective, start with just you!

Sometimes, you need to be told… it’s okay to relax. And sometimes the feelings aren’t all boredom; sometimes you are just where you need to be.

Boredom gets a lot of people. It drives me bonkers all the time! But, with positive support in my life always telling me that it’s okay to relax, I know it all will be okay! Man, I hear it a lot! But, it’s one of the best things I’ve been taught to mediate my life, turn life into balance, not an absolute win or lose! And you will too, once you realize boredom is just a part of you and me. “Sometimes that’s just life.”

Now a day I fill my life with hobbies such as writing—where I find a lot of therapy! I socialize near my local University and make connections. Social media is now expanding to social branding (yourself!)… Can you believe it?! Things are progressing. So, maybe when you are bored, the mindset should be…. I’m exactly right where I need to be. Relax; take a breather, then get back at it champ! I know you can!

Always with all the support from the bottom of my heart, I know you can! I’m living proof! Take it one day at a time, and you’ll be fine!

Now… going back to doing something else? Hope I don’t get bored! Aha!


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