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We all fall down.

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We all fall down.–In only a matter of time until we all will fall down. But within this stumble, within our struggle, we will find what life is truly calling us to do. I know I did.

Some of us struggle from mental health issues, some of struggle with eating problems, and others of us struggle from things stigmatized in a much different way. Whatever our struggle may be—mine being addiction—there will be that eventual turning point in our lives. But, for us to get to a pivotal moment, we must all, first, fall down.

Sure, I’ve scraped my knees a few dozens, well, hundred times. Yeah I’ve been bloodied and bruised, we’ve all been or are there. But nothing has torn me more than being stripped of my sanity. Nothing has changed me more than becoming morally, physically, and spiritually bankrupt from my crumbling moments. And oh how I was—eventually—grateful for it. The humility I had to learn from these/this key moments life generously grants us, is an invaluable tool one can get behind, to strengthen the integrity of our life line; hope.

I would hope things would be better after I fell down one too many times. Although this left me time for a self awakening through the right life lessons, and through reflection. This is one of the things that recovery truly blesses us with. But getting to this point is something that has cost many of us far too much. So when we reach this perfectly imperfect moment we must hold it, and never let it go. Forgetting “these” times might lead to another fall, one even deeper than before.

Many say hitting rock bottom happens to you for a reason, but it’s a fact of nature that if we lose the feeling of our last fall, we may indeed, fall a little bit further. Rock bottom is only as far as you make it, so my advice to you is to remember the last time “this moment” happened, and use it as a reference point.

Having a reference point is crucial for what comes next in our lives. Yes, it’s true we all do really fall down. Every single one of us on this planet will have a struggle, and there are plenty different types of pain. But within finding your own truth and honesty in that moment you can begin to pick yourself back up again.

“It’s not how a man falls down, but it’s how he picks up the pieces again. Life’s not about dropping a bottle, falling to your knees, or a bruise on the arms. It’s about mending yourself after the pain has come, and finding out how to make a strong you because of it.”

So, we may all fall down. But falling down is not the measure of a man or a woman. Falling down is a process of getting back up again, being true to that strength you found within it, and earning whatever recovery you wish to seek while finding yourself. We all fall down, but I know you can pick yourself back up again. I know you can.

I can tell you it’s okay to find your hard spot in life, find your struggle and truly embrace it. Build upon what pushes you back, because if you push in that very opposite direction even harder, you will grow the muscle, strength, and hope you need for a positive lifestyle.

Figure struggle, hardship, or trials as a weight training program. It’s like putting weight on, yes more than you can handle, but do it in order to build a stronger interior. Do it to look better on the exterior and feel better without having to look in the mirror because of it. So in conclusion, falling down may have been the best thing that ever happened to me, because it gave me recovery! It gave me a way to not just pick the pieces back up, but a way to put them back together again…

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