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Exciting News For Addiction Recovery Team “ASCENT”

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It has been a busy, but exciting month at the Ascent headquarters! This month, we had the pleasure of welcoming many of our peer recovery coaches to our offices for a meet and greet. Everyone had the opportunity to share their story and how excited they are to get started with Ascent.

For anyone who doesn’t already know, Ascent is an addiction recovery solution that recently launched. Ascent combines 24/7/365 support from these amazing peer recovery coaches with an outcome-based mobile app. This means that anyone who has completed addiction treatment with a rehabilitation facility can obtain access to the solution in order to avoid relapse and stay on the road to recovery. At Ascent, there are two things that we always say. “Recovery happens in a space, not a place.” And “Recovery is a lifetime.”

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With the 24/7/365 assistance of these passionate peer recovery coaches, everyone using the Ascent solution will have the support they need, when they need it, right at their fingertips. Not only does the Ascent service have the capability to save countless lives, but it also can be utilized by treatment centers everywhere in order to ensure that their clients remain on the road to recovery, long after they have completed treatment.

The features and benefits of the solution can be seen “HERE”. In short, Ascent users will be able to set and track goals, message and talk with peer coaches, receive encouraging and informational content, geo-target temptation spots so that the app can notify him/her to avoid them and take daily surveys to prevent relapse. There is even a “Beacon” button for a user to press if they feel like they are going to use, which notifies their coach/support group immediately. This service is truly revolutionary and the possibilities for improving recovery are endless.

We feel blessed to have such amazing peer recovery coaches working for Ascent and look forward to writing the next chapter in addiction recovery. Be sure to check our “website” often as we continue to grow and provide our solution to additional treatment organizations.

2016 is going to be an exciting year for the recovery industry!

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  • Elina Smith on

    I remember the night I decided to ask for help so vividly. I had gotten

    high, and started thinking about my future, my family, my friends, and how

    I was no longer the same person I was before this all started. Then I

    started thinking about the fact that I was only prolonging my withdrawals,

    every single day, by continuously using, trying to ward the withdrawals

    off. You need to understand what made you want to get sober.
    How long does alcohol stay in your system ?

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