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A New perspective on Mental Health

LIfestyle Mental Health

This is a metaphorical debate on the social constructions termed: “Anxiety, Anxious, Crazy, Weird, Different.” We end the stigma right here, right now. Once and for all you will see the true perspective of both the social world and theoretical world. This is a new perspective on stigmatization in mental health issues.




Once long ago, we all lived in pretty “crazy” times. When I say crazy, I mean crazy! But, scientifically speaking there is the dictionary definition “crazy.” So, can you really say that there is such a thing? “Crazy?” Can it be? Is crazy all just a figment of our imagination and distant, but real, realities? Or, is it simply “created,” and then flourished upon through things like, societal perception and psychological conformities? Do we all just act to say, and say as we act? I don’t think crazy is really even a “thing?”  I’ll go with no!

We (human beings/homo-sapiens) see things as objects in front of us, do we not? Yes we very well do.

How are humans—with both critical and abstract thinking—brought to be here in this specific spot, at this specific time? A lot leaves this up to debate and philosophy. But, what if it is all in our culture’s–society–ways of thinking.  What if this was the new wave of laws of attraction? Could you imagine how much the stigma would change?

How can we call something “the way it is?” Or how can we give something a term were we cannot place anything but an idea, or social conformity on? The idea is simply out there in intellectual property land. People grow up, they socialize and become trained, bred, spoon-fed and brainwashed something you cannot place a face or a brand on to begin with.

How can we define something that has acted and recreated so progressively? It is treated as an ever changing idea, such as words, ideas, thoughts, motivations, labels, stigmas, SOCIETY. Ever-changing and always progressive, like the way evolutionists would predict it to be, until…

Society is ever changing and with this, the ideas change too. Crazy was never used before a certain point in history. At one point this term did not exist. So how did we “construct” this term, or label? Maybe this is man’s foolish curiosity, but oddly destructive mindset is obsessed with the confused and unknown. These are unmarked territories, and it scares people… different people. Well, who is really the different person anyways, right?

It’s very safe to say that we construct this image of what people want us to think in our mind. This is what we call in social sciences, a social construction.

We are what we think ourselves to be. We construct images of what is only given to us. It’s not our fault, and it shouldn’t be our problem, but most of the time it is. Do we fix it by progressing the terms to demeaning actions? Or, do we change the way we think?

If what we see is what we have created through expressions, creations, illusive reality in our heads, how can we not want to think differently at this point?

Just like an object we see, we give it a name because hasn’t everyone else given it that same name? And with this being said couldn’t you argue sometimes that what people think as normal could very well be the “crazy?” Better yet, if crazy is just something we have yet to understand, it’s just a symptom of confusion all in its own. We cannot define crazy now or ever because it can simply be seen as doing differently than the normal status quo. There is no wrong in this scenario, there’s only perception.

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Perspective is one of the greatest tools in life, and focusing it in from a
societal/mindset/attractive reference, this might be the turning point for how we (humans) view stigmatization as a whole.

“Crazy” is truthfully just a term used by a mass majority who are still confused about something that’s just plain and simply: “different.”

Society has bred this term and it’s time for us to weed it out. Stigmatization’s need to end.  They have been debunked as false and untrue right here, right now.  This is the difference!

There is no “crazy” there is simply differences and confusions of a reality other than your own.

So as all things pass, so does this term and it will eventually fade and mold into another “crazy” term itself. It’s truly crazy to think about…

Society has brought us this term—these words of construction—just because there is no simple, other meaning.

This term is a construction from our societal mindset and is a construction just like any other object. An apple is an apple, am I right? Or orange, is always going to be “orange.” We don’t question that, but the things we have a harder time understanding—through mass confusion—we stamp it with stigmas and labels.  We start conforming and creating terms like “crazy.”

You’re not crazy, because that’s just crazy to say! You are who you are, and you are what YOU think you are, and if there is one saying I swear by it is: “What other people think of me is none of my business anyways!” Then I smile my way back into my not so different, different life.

Crazy means what it means to you!

To me? What does it mean?

Crazy is nothing more than being me and is a part of my every day functioning. Everyone is crazy in his or her own unique, special way. You just gotta pick which crazy works for you and stick with it! Cuz’ there isn’t anything wrong if there isn’t anything wrong, right?

Before we had terms like anxious, anxiety, stress, compelled. These are terms a psychologist or psychiatrist could give you.  They gave you such terms to “create” reasons for adding you to a business of profiteering. Profiteering off the confused term!

Before we had psychologist’ or psychiatrists’ we were simply “excited” or “joyous.” There were terms like overwhelmed, where mother would scream, “Oh joy!” Now it’s “Oh my!” But why?

These stamps and labels did not exist until businesses could market the “idea” of betterment through stamping Americans with labels and stigmas for profit! It was not even a question until capitalistic (in it for the money) viewpoints overthrew economics, politics, and swayed media and society into believing there is profit to be made off of people’s emotions.

I mean, aren’t people the biggest capital one person can have, your own assets? It’s a pretty big tool we use to create many forms of capital (monetary and social).

Who would have thought that switching a word for a socially constructed “thing” would bring about mass pharmaceuticals.  Who knew we could be profiteering off people who may or may not need it? Labels for gain?

Do people see profit off feeding misery to the public? Possibly so. Or is profiteering and selling a marketed brand that is supposed to fix this label of “crazy” or “anxious” that society has given for no reason, other than simple differences.

Who is safe to control what is said? At this point that question is unclear but you’re most definitely not crazy like most would want you to think!

I wish you well, and hope you know that the future together is never anxious, crazy, or dangerous. The future together is simply exciting, and that is A LOT EASIER TO HANDLE!

Be excited for new love and new adventures. The future is a lot easier to handle when we look at it as an adventure, not a means to an end. With all my love everyone… PLEASE:

Stop the stigma and stop the label! The time to break the stigma is now! Be true, be you!

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