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Movie Metaphors on Dealing with Depression

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1.         Find your Happy Place (Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore)– We can all say that Happy Gilmore (portrayed by Adam Sandler) in the movie was an angry man.  Happy had violent outburst. His life was leading a rather depressing path when his grandmother was put into a nursing home. He was then left by girlfriend and given a dead father. ("10 Depression Quotes That May Change Your Life" -- Better Help)

He was struggling to make ends meet, and then found a calling. “Man you should play for the Waterbury Open,” a man said as Happy drove a golf ball 400+ yards. Happy’s response was “See yah there pssss!” as he gave a thumbs down.

Clearly Happy was not indeed, happy. He did however make it to the Waterbury open, won the tournament for his long ball.  He soon made it onto the PGA Tour.

Happy’s only problem was that he couldn’t focus with his hectic and depressing circumstances enough to put the ball, in the whole even with an easy two put. Then he mcourtesy of movie Movie Metaphors on Dealing with Depression happygilmore09eets Chubs.

Chubs is the master of mind persuasion and does the unthinkable. He teaches happy how to put.

Chubs and Happy find his calling in no other place than a putt-putt course. Happy is destined to putt a hole in one on the most difficult and hazardous looking obstacle on the course.  This course (shown above) can truly symbolize his train wreck of a life.

Chubs is saying something along the lines of, “Now focus Happy, come on you can do it! Find your Happy place.”

Happy (Sandler) then gets a devilish grin on his face and the scene fades into what we would picture his happy place.

Grandma was perfectly happy and dressed up in stellar lingerie for a woman in her nineties. His new love was there to greet him in lingerie of her own. The scene was white and had a truly happy ambiance. The scene then fades back to the devilish golfing scene but only with Happy to have a happy look on his face. He swings back with his hockey formatted putter given to him as a gift by Chubs… “Swing! Plat! Kerplunk!”

The ball weaves up the mountain of a mess, down through a treacherous tube and pathway.  The ball was to come out tumbling end over end into nothing other than a hole in one. courtesy of movie Movie Metaphors on Dealing with Depression maxresdefaultHappy truly had found his happy place.

Any time he needed to be reminded of some place serene in times of doubt he just faded his memory into his own unique Happy place. This can be applied not only for comedic relief to your life for a quick laughter with a great premise. You can laugh and have a good time with it of course!

If there is one thing you must learn it’s that there is always a place you want to be, and there is always a way to get there no matter the life circumstances. So, speak up and listen to someone who has the right to guide you to your own Happy place. Find somewhere that will make your mind calm, relaxed, and serene. You can be happy just like Happy is.


2.          Run Forrest Run! (Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump)– You can say Forrest Gump was a mild tempered man with a good head on his shoulders no matter the circumstances he had encountered.

Why is this?

We first see in the movie–with Forrest and Jenny–that some thugs where looking tocourtesy of movie Movie Metaphors on Dealing with Depression forrest gump movie clip screenshot run forrest run large pick on poor little Forrest.  They wanted to bully him and make him depressed. Forrest couldn’t do much to get away because he had handicapped legs. But, as most of us know Forrest broke these chains by grounding himself in one thing: running. He defied the odds just like you can!

Forrest became known for his fast feet, which were the one thing holding him back in the beginning.

It’s true that later in the movie that Forrest Gump had gotten a scholarship for being fast. Not to mention Forrest was given some depressing situations in his life when Jenny decided to leave him.

Forrest and Jenny had recently confessed their love to each other mid-life and then Jenny was gone the next morning. What did Forrest do? He got out—for a long time—and grounded himself.

Forrest put his mind into his feet and he ran, for months… years at that. Forrest was running and inspiring others around the country, as once he started he looked stress free.

There is a simple rule to this, no matter it be running or walking: “Getting the blood rushing from your head to your feet, and away from all the terrible depressing thoughts grounds you. Getting the blood flowing from your head to your feet is proven to relieve stress.”

Many people who exercise do this not because it makes them look good but makes them feel good. Forrest wasn’t running because he needed to lose weight, we all saw how skinny Tom Hanks was in the movie. Forrest needed a mental reset.  The only way to reset a flood of blood and racing thoughts in your mind is to get that courtesy of movie Movie Metaphors on Dealing with Depression Forrest Gumpblood from your head to the ground.

This is like a simple displacement of all the worries and anxious things in your life. Mental resets are commonly known with people who walk on a regular basis. Simply running, walking, or getting our blood from our head to feet relieves stress and depression. Why do you think you pace when you are depressed or anxious? Your body is trying to mentally reset itself.

Even if it’s fifteen minutes or twenty minutes, as long as there is enough motion to get a small sweat going, you know that the depression and anxiety are being flushed out of your body, free from you and into the world. Your life will now be filled with carefree attitudes just by displacement. The mental reset works for me, and I do it once a day after I’m done with work and writing. So if I learned one thing from Forrest Gump it was to, “Run Forrest, run!”


3.          Goosfraba (Jack Nicholson in Anger Management)– Jack Nicholson is portrayed in some of the most iconic roles of all time.  In the mid 2000’s courtesy of movie Movie Metaphors on Dealing with Depression goosfrabacomedy with Adam Sandler—Anger Management—he was seen as a guru on helping fix peoples impulse problems brought on by depression.

Nicholson’s famous saying was Goosfraba as you see some of the lead characters finding serenity in the saying. I remember a scene where a co-actor was screaming, “The anger sharks are swimming in my

head!” and the rest of the anger management group screams “Goosfraba!” As they all chant the quote you can see the character in pain getting and ease while finding peace in certain words.

This can most commonly go hand in hand in recovery with things like The Lord’s Prayer in AA, or the Serenity Prayer in NA, or the universal “One day at a time.”

We all have ways and means of getting over the proverbial hump in our lives and getting out of our minds.  This is best known, once again, for displacing our depression into something as simple as a few iconic words.  It’s more than stress relieving, it saved my life many times! So I urge you all to keep your eggs over easy! (As Nicholson demanded of Adam Sandler) Always remember when times get bad…. “Goosfraba.”

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