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Running in Recovery!

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Running in Recovery!  7 years ago I believed my life was over. 7 years ago I was willing to lose my children, my home, my job. 7 years ago my only commitment was to a bottle of vodka. It had become my master and I was faithful to the bitter, very bitter end.

The end came and something deep inside me gave up, gave in, let go. Honestly I could not be sure other than my will to live was reignited and a fire was lit inside that still burns strong today. My worthiness surfaced amidst a sea of shame, guilt, and remorse.

On this day June 13, 2008, on my son Jacks 5th birthday I finally admitted complete defeat to my Dad and said I’m done I am an alcoholic. It was right in the middle of the birthday party. My dad was kind and compassionate and hugged me and said I will call you tomorrow. And he did just that and arranged for me to meet him so he could take me somewhere to get help.
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I was lifeless, scared, and exhausted so off I went to what I now fondly refer to as my peaceful place where most people only speak their first name but you feel like you have been there or waiting to get back there forever.

That is where my life shifted and continues to shift each day I choose life over vodka.

This past October I was given the gift of running my first marathon a goal of mine for making it to 7 years sober. I chose this goal because I used to dream and declare I would run a marathon between vodka gulps.
As I was training I realized a new high. And a high that helped my family not hurt them anymore. I wanted to share that high and help others still sick and in bondage to alcohol and most especially I wanted to let children everywhere know there were and are other highs.

I couldn’t quite find the charity organization I was looking for to offer my run to. So I just ran for being and staying sober.

On the way home from my marathon my sister Cindy was driving me as she just completed her first 10 k and came with me for support,

I happened to stumble on a site called The Herren Project. I went searching trough the site and there it was THPRUNS and they were running races for my WHY and doing it with grace, humility, and tenacity.

That was just a few short months ago and today I begin my service to the cause by raising funds to support their mission.

The mission of The Herren Project is to provide assistance in taking the first steps toward recovery and a life of sobriety, educational programs and resources to increase awareness on the signs of addiction and bring hope for a better tomorrow.


  • Positively impact the lives of those suffering with addiction by providing effective treatment navigation.
  • Educate youth and at-risk populations on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and provide techniques to handle pressure within their lives, their community or their family situation.
  • Provide scholarships to programs, clinics and camps to increase self confidence, motivation and develop a firm foundation on which to build success.
  • I will be running with the THP Runs team in the 2016 Boston Marathon on April 18, 2016 in the hopes to give those afraid of sharing their pain and admitting their powerlessness. I want my legs to carry them to the finish line well it’s actually the starting line where once you begin you never have to hurt from alcohol or drugs again.
  • Some of the greatest, strongest, truthful, and giving people I have met happen to be recovering addicts and I am no longer ashamed or afraid. Today in sobriety I am strong, bold, passionate, and most importantly useful.
  • Please consider supporting this effort here:

This brings me to the next goal for 2016. I have been a management and professional coach and speaker for industry and academia for years and have been so mindful that in all these arenas where work there is a need for recovery coaching and advising to help people confidently and confidentially create a recovery management plan. This January I will devote my evenings and weekends to provide recovery coaching and speaking services through my private practice, Recovery Management Solutions. Founded in early 2015 and is located in Wynnewood, PA. We will accept individuals and groups for both virtual and face to face recovery planning sessions. Our services will also be available for family, friends, and co-workers who also need planning support as we all know addiction does not discriminate.

Courtesy of Laurie McGarvey recovery Running in Recovery! laurie2

To kick off 2016 Recovery Management Solutions will be holding its first live complimentary workshop Creating the Year You Want. This 90 minute session will use a tool called Points of You: The Coaching Game which allows you to create a vision for the year ahead by selecting through images those areas of your life you most want to impact. It’s fun and so very simple I haven’t met one person who has not found new insights that drove future results. If you would like an invite simply email us or if you are unable to attend let us know your interest as we will host webinars later in January.

Email me at:

We will be accepting donations to the Herren Project at all of our events and 10% of all coaching sessions will be given to the foundation.

We would love to hear from you if you have ideas for events and resources that you would like to see us provide in the future.

Please! Visit and like us at our facebook page and invite family and friends too!

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