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Surviving A Bully Using Mental Techniques

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Bullies come in all forms, shapes and sizes. A bully might be someone who is close to you. A bully might be your mother, father, sibling, boyfriend/girlfriend, teacher, peer, or even yourself. Nonetheless there needs to be a stand against bullying.  So I ask you, what do you say to a bully when confronted?

There has to be a clear and concise answer to this.  I will provide you with some inspiration when trying to entertain (or not) a bully. Here is ONE TIP that will guide you miles in life when confronted to bullying. All you need is one tip that has multiple explanations to why it will always work! Here it is:

When confronted with a bully or bullying situation and you are egging on to reply, or give them attention, or entertain the hurtful feelings you’re dealing with here’s what you do:


Why do nothing you ask? Why do you do nothing when you are being teased, mocked and bullied by someone?
Here is a more extensive list on why you don’t need to do anything, and even walk away without saying a single word!

A)      You don’t owe anyone anything: With this strategy you are putting yourself first. You are letting  yourself know that you are worth it like you are! The only person you owe anything in this situation is yourself.

B)      Don’t give them the satisfaction: With walking away you are doing the opposite of what the bully wants. I’m not saying there are winners and losers here, but the bully is looking for an emotional

bully Surviving A Bully Using Mental Techniques Beat Bullying

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response out of you so they can know which button to push next on you. By walking away with doing absolutely nothing you have deactivated the situation and done the right thing. You come out of this being the bigger person and not giving them the satisfaction of beating you down.

C)     If they look mean, stare right on back: With this technique of staring right on back at the bully you are proving to them that their words are not hurting, therefore doing the opposite of what the bully wants. When you stare back at the bully without making a flinch or a glare you are proving to them that their words have no effect. With their words having no effect you’ve not only shut the bully down but you’ve beat them at their own game in a positive living way.

D)    Walking away gives you the power:
Bullies are looking for power when picking on someone they feel they can get an emotional response out of. When you walk away you take the power away, you become the power in that situation. When walking away from a bully you’re diffusing their most powerful tool, your presence.  You are better than being bullied. You are worth it.


E)     Smile: The smile is the most effective tactic when disarming a narcissist. When someone is being negative towards you and you don’t have anything to say, just smile. Smiling at someone who has a negative attitude might do many things, but it ultimately gives you the power of happiness. If there is one thing that I learned about smiles is that they are contagious too! So remember if every encountering a bully just put a big smile on your face!

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