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Mental Processing and Rationale to Death

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In life, there are situations that tend to cause one to contemplate certain situations. In these situations one’s conscience rules into its mental being and asks–or leans towards–questions of death, dying, and the grotesque.

With our brain’s adaption to specific feelings we have systems called mirror neurons and cortical-limbic connections. These processes in our brain are connected to higher mental process-emotions. These systems facilitate our emotions towards anger, joy, terror, happiness, and sadness.

So, with all of the hoopla and debate on invisible illnesses (like depression or a fascination towards suicide), we can debate that they most certainly have a place in the scientific home. It’s safe to say they’re chronically classified not just as an illness, but also a specific one at that they’re one of the thinking mind.

These are processes of the brain classified as natural and cohesive to the way the brain thinks of a certain individual, or to oneself. People with a mental illness or mental health issue are living that way only to be exacerbated by the surroundings of culture.  This is due to pre-curser neurological ailments. Agreed upon in the social science world, one’s upbringing and home life may be an example that plays into our mental status as we grow older.

The neurons and engendered sense of the person–due to the neurotransmissions named in the above passage–are now being shaped by one’s home life and culture. This is where certain types of behavior will come into play for someone suffering–or not–from a mental health issue.

These types of situations are where the person who is the “life of the party” is bred.  This is also where type’s of persons’ who may be deemed a loner are grown, too.

These have specific implications like, was I teased at an early age and which brain chemistry do I exhibit when put into another oddly familiar situation. These types of pre-underlying conditions in the neuropathways of the brain–leading into culture and society around–can cause someone to either be depressed, or even become suicidal. It may even cause things like substance abuse, eating disorders, or self-injurious motives.

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It’s said that our own consciousness is what breeds us to believe in our own morality. These same types of conscious abstractions are what makes us realize others morality as well.  This helps us choose to either celebrate life with people, or choose to be an introvert and swell ourselves with a depressive, or even, suicidal mindset. This is how the “life of the party” is born.  This is how “the loner” is born.
We as human beings experience death as pain. Pain is a real feeling that gets us from one spot in our day to another. Without realizing the pain, we would be anything but human. Most argue that when in pain they want to do harmful things or even get an odd fascination with death itself.

This morbid curiosity with pain induced death emotions are what cause an overwhelming amount of experimentation with things like drugs (to numb the pain) or with self-injury (to control the pain), with eating disorders (to purge the pain), while resulting in mental illness (losing control of the pain).

When dealing with either substance abuse or mental health issues (or both) we are given this odd fascination to pushing the boundaries.  One would call this an odd fascination to death.

When pushing the boundaries of our own personal limit one refers to death as a participatory object or innate being. We, when in times of suffering, rehearse the act of dying over and over again. When in a time of desperation and pain (due to substance abuse or mental health issues like depression) we use this rehearsal as a way of rationalizing our own situation in life.  We can even say that this “act of dying” is a form of sympathy and/or concern for what we are personally doing to our mind, body, or soul.

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Competitiveness can play a role in this mental health issue. We do want to survive, ultimately that is the goal, or else something way worse would have happened to ourselves by now. The main premise being is that since we want to survive.  We are finding the best ways to cope with the unlivable circumstances our mind has put us into. We resort to living through symptoms of release, like over eating or under eating (eating disorders).  We find things and substances to abuse, due to this depression or suicidal thoughts we are living in. Depression ultimately causes us to battle our own morality between things likes suicide, substance abuse, or self-harm. Culture exacerbates our mental health to the point beyond what the conscious mind can handle and sometimes people break, causing fatality and suicide, either by overdose or one’s own hand.

So through this cultural analysis of death’s relation to our own consciousness, depression, substance abuse, mental health, and suicidal tendencies we see wherein lies the problem and how it’s bred. We can learn to look beyond the irrational and think with the rational once thoroughly explained either through societal philosophy like this, or through other means of exploitation.

Either way, these are guidelines are a laid out analysis of where the mental process goes when ones’ psyche is dealing with pain, which brings and heightens mental health, substance abuse, and eating disorder type living conditions.

If I could say one thing to rebuttal the argument of pain, death, substance abuse and dying it would be this quote alone:

“The pain is what lets me know I’m still alive.”

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