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Mother Stripping in Public for Body Positive Image!

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Amy Pence Brown, a mother from Idaho strips down to her skimpies in public to promote a body positive image. If anyone knows anything about our website and promoting eating disorder awareness or recovery, we have a firm stance on the body positive image. This clip is that encompassed. If ever there need be a stance on body image, this would be the video.

Down to promote self-love, Amy is a mother that takes no shame in her body, and neither should you! She strips down to nothing but her underwear and puts on a blindfold as if this was some sort of political statement (it is!). She holds out her hands with markers in them and dares any people walking by to simply draw a heart on her.  What do they draw? More than just hearts. Why and what did they do to Amy? You’ll see.

Our site is all about making the right choices and creating social action on a part of that idea. What Amy did here was more than a political statement, it was a statement to self and everyone who is struggling with their ideas of body image. It is a statement that you can do it, you are worth it, and no one should ever tell you or judge you for your body… even yourself!

Amy proves you shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are, no matter the size. The truth is, that is simply true. We’re all worth it. No size, shape, color, or any “type” of person can change that. Amy is going to groundbreaking techniques here to break the stigma and end the labels. So, I ask you. Will you stand up, make a body positive image, and stop the stigma with Amy?

(I do not own this video or the rights to it, I do not claim this video in any way.  I am not selling this video.  I am just simply passing along the message like any positive minded person should!)

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