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Novelty and Growing Up Straight Edge

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There’s no where better to find a modern definition of the “Straight Edge” lifestyle than our most famous underground “Urban Dictionary?”  It has been claimed that the straight edge scene was developed from the punk rock/hardcore lifestyle.  It’s coined as a philosophy, or way of life, that people should have strength, pride, dignity, honor, and self respect.  The person representing “straight edge” should stay away from activities that will disgrace or harm the body or mind.  The types of activities that one whom is devote to straight edge abstains from are:  ingesting/becoming addicted to harmful substances for fun, lying, or sharing your body with another person when there is no social bond.

With this being said, we deal with many people who have or had addictions.  Many with addictions would wonder how could someone, or even a group, be substance free their entire life?  You might wonder what goes into the mindset of the truly devote straight edge member?  How does one do it?

I’ve came across a band–Novelty–who all claim the straight edge lifestyle.  The members and I chatted for a while and I ultimately had the fascination to ask the tough questions.  From one addict to a straight edge group here is what we came up with about the straight edge lifestyle…

Q. What does being straight edge mean to you?

A. Josh:  To me, “Straight Edge” has been more than just a term. Being straight edge is about morals. Morals leading me to a better way of living.

A. Taylor:   Being “Straight Edge” means living a clean life. Straight Edge is a life where you have control over every action. Being straight edge is where you live with no regrets, because, at the time of a choice, you’ve done exactly what you wanted. You can’t make these choices on drugs or alcohol.

A. Kori: To me being “Straight Edge” means that there is nothing into my body to alter the way I think or act.

Q. What influenced you to live this lifestyle?

Taylor: What influenced me into the straight edge lifestyle was other straight edge musicians such as: Alan Day and Dan O’Connor from Four Year Strong. I never thought that drinking or smoking would be an attractive trait, so when I found out that there are others that have the same ideals as me I knew that being straight edge was meant to be!

Q. How does this influence the music you write and style you play?

A. Josh: Our music reflects our lives. Having people in our lives dealing with substance abuse and other related things makes it hard not to make it into our music.

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A. Kori: If you turn on the radio almost any song you hear they’re singing about getting drunk, or going to parties. However, our lyrics will reflect our lifestyles more. If we aren’t singing about love or heartbreak, we definitely won’t be glorifying substance use.

Q. Is there a specific reason you choose to remain Clean & Sober?

A. Josh: If there was ever a doubt on me being straight edge then this confirms it… For me, that doubt went away when my friend received a line of cocaine for his 16th birthday. I ended up watching him trip and it scared the hell out of me!

A. Kori: There’s no specific reason I chose to stay clean and sober, I’ve just never seen a reason not to. That hasn’t changed in the 21 years of my life.

Q. When you get offered a drink or a drug, what do you say?

A. Josh: If I get asked to drink I just say no thanks, which normally ends at that. I don’t get offended by people who drink responsibly around me.

Q. Is there anything specific you want people to know about the straight edge lifestyle?

A. Josh: Being straight edge is like anything else. Being straight edge is right for some but not for everyone. We’re not a gang! (Wink to the Discovery Channel).

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Q. What is your best experience or funniest you’ve encountered when living the straight edge, clean and sober lifestyle?

A. Josh: Getting to explain to people why I don’t want to buy their “dank kush” never gets old to me!
A. Kori: I find it hilarious when my friends are excited when I say I will go out with them. This usually means that I’ll be the designated driver. The best part is that I won’t be bummed about it!

Short Band Bio: Novelty is a punk band comprised of Kori Gregory, Josh Roy, Taylor Doughty, and Ryan Obier. Influenced by Title Fight, Basement, and Brand New.
Message to our fans: We don’t have fans. We have friends and that’s how we like it. Come to a show and enjoy the music with us and have a good time!

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