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How Water Can Save Your Life!

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In my addiction I’ve neglected many things, like so many including water. I neglected people and places and things (that’s a given). But, if I had one piece of advice for you it would be to take care of your liver.

Did you know that your liver is the only organ in your body that can repair itself? The funny about the liver is that the dead tissue can regenerate other tissue up and around it, as a form of repair. This is why we see chronic alcoholics with a “beer gut.”

This is because the liver is placed in the center of the gut right between the rib cages.  Also, every drug or alcohol you process goes through the liver. I mean, the body does have to filter the toxins out of itself right? This is the livers job.

The brain is where the drugs go to get you high, but the liver is where the drugs go to be filtered out. What if the chemicals are toxic or laced, or whatever, right? The liver gets damaged.

I’ve recently been doing a lot of articles on awareness of the sorts, where I give a lot of scientific data. But, today this is where I stop with the science and give you tips on how to gain that recovery, because we ALL know drugs do damage.

The harmful side effects of not having enough water is that the liver can’t process out all the toxins. I ended up with blood clots in my liver as a consequence. So, for starters, drink more water! Especially when detoxing or in early recovery.

It’s said that we should have 8-10 glasses a day but I personally try to exceed this amount. My fiancé will get on my butt if I don’t drink enough water. Here are some tips and techniques on getting that liver nice and perfect from water:


  1. Every meal you eat
    1. Drink a glass of water before you eat
    2. Drink a glass of water after you eat
  2. When you wake up drink a glass of water within thirty minutes
    1. It’s said that the organs function properly throughout the day better if drinking water within thirty minutes of waking up
  3. If you need to take medication
    1. Drink a full glass of water with eat piece of medication you need to take
    2. If you take two pills in the morning, drink two glasses with it as an example
  4. Going to the bathroom
    1. It’s said that if you are constipated or having troubles with the bathroom you are dehydrated… drink up!
    2. If your pee is green… drink up!
    3. Drink water until your urine is clear, then you’re in the clear that day!
  5. Bedtime
    1. Drink a glass… or two before bed.
    2. It’s said that a glass of water before bed releases neurotransmitters in the brain that get the body ready to relax and sleep
  6. Headaches
    1. The most common forms of headaches are caused by dehydration
    2. Drink water when having a headache because if you need to go to the doctor the normal fix for a bad migraine is an IV of fluids
  7. Stomach ache
    1. Usually stomach aches are caused by too much acidity in the stomach and this can be caused by drinking an extra glass of water to coat the stomach with proper fluids
  8. Muscle cramps
    1. The two most common forms of treatment for muscle cramps or spasms naturally is a banana or a glass of water
    2. The muscles get tense and want to squeeze together most likely due to stress caused by other exterior things in the body this can be fixed by loosening your ligaments and muscles with a simple glass of water
  9. Anxiety
    1. Water is said to relieve the body of stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins and chemicals that are similar to a mood calmer, therefor calming you down and relieving anxiety… possibly forever if you drink enough water daily
  10. Weight
    1. Most people think that withholding water by not drinking as much will lose you water weight, which causes your gut to be bigger and pudgier.
    2. The opposite is true for weight loss. Drinking a cold glass of water not only heats the body up to cool the water down and therefor burning calories but if you don’t drink enough water your body will hold the water you do have in the wrong spots… i.e. the pudgy gut

These are all tips and tricks I learned when I was wondering… What the heck is wrong with me?

courtesy of water How Water Can Save Your Life! waterheartEverything in my body was going haywire.  I was putting on extra weight, I was stressed out, and I wasn’t sleeping right which made other parts of my day go horribly wrong.  I fell into all ten of these categories, by having headaches from all the priors I listed, too.  My life was just going downhill, like a waterfall!

The truth of it is though, I met someone who was a big water drinker.  I had always been a coffee kind of guy.  Heck I’d even drink decaf coffee just because it had a taste to it and water didn’t!  It is said that coffee increases anxiety and is actually not as natural for you as you would think.  There are more processed things in some coffees than there are some energy drinks.  Dammit Star… wait I won’t say it (lawsuit!).

These ailments described above are some of the many positive ways that water can help in your life, not to mention repairing that damaged liver from substance abuse.

Our lives are encompassed by these health issues I described when first getting clean, and we are often labeled as mentally ill.  But, who would think that water could actually be better for you than some mental health medications?  I sure as heck didn’t as mass water How Water Can Save Your Life! images q tbn ANd9GcSR1Y04 ggb16gKXVFlbuqTUp7moplJz86Sr9YSAqCHXmOgURCpharmaceuticals had me wrapped around their finger in my first stint getting clean.  From that point on, after I met my fiancé (an avid water drinker), I never looked back.

Water has done wonders for me.  Heck, I even like to swim in it, even if it does require a bathing suit in the bath tub!

Since, I started drinking more than my fair share of water every day I have had:


  1. Reduced anxiety
  2. Panic Attack Free for over one year
  3. A full bill of health (yes my liver has healed, and no… no beer gut!)
  4. I’ve lost weight and am able to work out properly every day!
  5. My chronic cluster migraines (so said by the doctor… “disbelief”) have gone away
    1. Episode free for one year
  6. I sleep a full 8-10 hours a night with a glass before bed
  7. My muscle spasms and tics have gone completely away
    1. Episode free for two years
  8. My chronic stomach aches and morning dry heaving has vanished
    1. Episode free for one year
  9. I’ve had regular colored urine and other things to do with the b-room for well, a long time!
  10. Waking up and drinking a glass makes me functional and more alert than coffee, once I quit.
    1. I’ve noticed increase quality and quantity in work and school when switching from coffee to water!
  11. Before I couldn’t eat a whole meal without feeling sick
    1. Today I finish every meal I make (in proper portions I assure you!)


So, if you haven’t sworn by water to help you in your life then you should… plus it’s cheaper coming out of the tap than some other things are!

Many of us have put different substances in our body and they don’t even have to be drugs at this point to cause us physical, mental, and emotional problems.  Many drink energy drinks, and way too much coffee.  I’ve not only gained my health back, but I’m living a clean, sober and positive lifestyle all because I switched from one tap to another.  I choose water!

In the words of Adam Sandler and “Waterboy”: But, but, but momma said… H20! H20! H20! H20! H20!

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