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My First Day Sober on a Drunken Campus

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It was the first day in a new town and the kids (I was 22 at the time compared freshman) were in full flock. I was moving into the dorm at my new University Campus. Luckily it was an upper classman dorm so I felt these students would be a little bit more tolerable. I was right to a certain extent. On the other extent they were more “of age” to find liquor, and have “healthier” connections to drug sources.

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I was in the transfer dorm. I’d walked in and met the Resident Assistant who only lived two doors down from me.

“Hi, I’m…!” yeah I get it. She was only nineteen years old, and was supposed to watch over young adults older than her. I felt like I was under some sort of oppression, but this was just a resentment I had over anyone who was “over my head.”

I was looking forward to the first night; I mean what other direction could I look? I couldn’t look behind, could I? I was already there and my parents had already moved all of my stuff in.

The dorm room was with three other guys but we all had separate rooms because we’re the upper-class dorm. I had already met two of the guys, and we contacted the third to see if he wanted to meet up before hand but no answer.

We weren’t sure if he was even moving in or not.  He eventually showed up. We joked that we would turn his room into a “jungle room” if he didn’t claim it. I was serious about it being a jungle room, but one of the other guys had a little different meaning by it being a “trippy jungle.” Funny how he was majoring in criminal justice and looking to go into law? Light em’ up chief!

The first weekend was always meant to be a bash at any college but was never meant to be burning cars in the streets—literally. We go to “Main Street” where the Greek housing was held (Greek=Fraternity/Sorority Row).

You could see it in bright bold lights as if I was about to have a damn epileptic seizure. There were strobes and open doors, open cans, and open legs. It was a complete catastrophe of humanity compiled all on to the main gateway street.  It was like it was the main gateway drug for many new young souls to succumb to alcoholism or addictions.

I was carrying a bottle of water the whole night and thought it would be something no one would want to touch, not telling them what was in it. This was a clear form of avoidance and covering up that I was completely sober. You could walk down any side of the street, or even in the middle of it and be offered a beer or cup full of God knows what.

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Remember how your parents or cops tell you “Don’t take cups from strangers?” it’s true and I’ll tell you why…

Evidently the roommate who was most quiet and showed up late to the dorms was the only one willing to walk around with me. His mother pulls me aside and says, “He is a little bit shy, would you mind taking him out?” I surely obliged. She was right about him being quiet, I don’t remember him saying more than two words the whole night–and not at the same time. He looked like the lights flashing everywhere were blinding him and had a snarly smile to him.

I was always in the mood to party sober, but that’s a little bit different than being surrounded by 29,000+ intoxicated, almost on the brink of alcohol poisoning, University attendees. I was okay though, I kept my distance and just walked by the houses only to take pictures of the poor souls drinking their night away. I never went into a house because I knew that would be the end of me.  I eventually got bored with this whole idea about thirty minutes in, so we walked back to the dorms.

So far the night was quite boring to be honest. That’s not to say I hadn’t seen my fair share of puke, ambulances, and topless males/females. But, all in all, I was just walking by to watch the show take place. This only happened until I made it back to the dorm room parking lot where two girls from our floor were in trouble.

The one girl who weighed barely 80 pounds, couldn’t be more than 4 foot 9 inches was screaming… “I told you not to trust them! I told you!” It was great timing as we walked up to the side bit of grass next to a car in the parking lot with her friends face down in a pile of puke and skirt ripped off. Her bra torn and not able to sit up or speak a single word comprehensively.

My roommate and I ask what is wrong and the girl who drove (sober, yes! Another sober person…) said that before they left to go to the casino with two upper-class guys they passed her glasses of red wine.

First I wanted to ask… “Why wine?” but I didn’t, although it would have been an appropriate question to why she was so messed up on a few glasses of wine? Anyways, we come to find out the guys she were with she had only met that day, so the apparent hit us, “The drinks were spiked then you’re saying?”

(Remember how I said not to take drinks from strangers? Don’t compromise that sobriety by A) getting passed an alcoholic beverage when told it’s not OR B) getting a spiked drink full of roofies! For more tips on dealing with these situations go to Sober Living in a Drunk College Town Part 1)

Back to the story… We knew she had been slipped a date rape drug. So another piece of sound advice is if you’re going out (even sober) take a friend with you!

It was great timing as not the RA walks up, but the RHA (Resident Hall Advisor). Yeah, this

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guy wasn’t just in charge of our floor he was in charge of all five of the floors in our entire building!

He walks over and saw this newly arrived girl lying face first in her own pile. She was completely passed out until I saw him walking over.

Her friend smacked her in the face to make her open her eyes. She sits up and smiles at him not making anything better. The RHA asks it, “Are you okay?” Her friend immediately jumps in and says, “Yes sir she’s fine, she forgot to take her medication for being lactose intolerant!”

He wasn’t fooled but said all right anyways. “As long as we get her up to her room safely then it’s all good everyone, you have a good night!”  He walked away to my surprise. I chimed in, “Shouldn’t we have told him the truth? She might need help?” (Tip number 3: Always speak up and get help if in a situation like this, you never know whose life you’ll be saving.) But, nonetheless I got shunned for trying to do the right thing.

Rushing up the stairs to grab another guy it took three of us to life and carry her body up to the fourth floor of our dorm rooms while attempting get her into a six-foot tall bunk bed.  She falls out of bed and nearly hits her head.  She rushes to the bathroom with some sort of reawakening screaming for the guys to “Get the fuck out!” So we did.

I saw her at breakfast the next morning and I ask her how she’s doing?  She replies, “I feel great, this isn’t the first time I’ve drunk too much wine.”

My lesson to you is please don’t be afraid to ask for help, never take anything from a stranger, and always when going out go with a friend <3

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