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5 Tips for Early Recovery that Saved MY a$$!

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5 Tips for Every Recovery that Saved MY a$$!

1. Delete all of your old contactsthis doesn’t mean delete your momma and your dad from your phone (you probably know those by heart). This means, anyone you think shouldn’t be there in your contacts, well, get rid of em! Because you know what? You’re probably right! Ever heard the saying out of sight out of mind? This is it friends. In my first week out of rehab I got a new phone and new number. You know why? Because in the first day I turn my phone back on I’ve gotten 35 missed texts and a full voicemail from people wanting rides in exchange for free dope. These types of situations are exactly what we need to avoid! I even remember a big time drug dealer calling ME, instead of me calling him, because he had a DEAL! What deal? Hook me again? You know who the right people are to be around, just take the action to get rid of the others that are dragging you back into the same old shit, same old places. It’s said to change the names, faces, and places you used to be around in the first thirty days of recovery or you’re more prone to relapse


2. Find a superior and LISTEN! This one was most important because in addiction I always thought I was so damn good at giving advice! Not… Well it turns out that there’s a lot of people in this world who actually know a lot more about healthy living than we do in our first thirty or so days clean. I mean A LOT of people. I sat down at a table for my first meeting, and interrupted the guy talking (who was helping the newcomers at the newcomer table with 30 years sober). He said, “WILL YOU SHUT UP! LISTEN SON!” I’ll never forget that. I sat at those tables and didn’t talk for 30 whole days because I was told it was better to listen than speak. I guess I actually listened on more than one level, how true is that. I’m listening to listen. You can learn a lot from this part. LISTEN UP!

3. Get a MENTOR—This is different than listening to a superior, by far. This is someone who when you do need to talk will listen to you and see through the bullshit. This is someone who will call you out when, and know that what you’re saying doesn’t quite make sense. Our thoughts in the first thirty days of recovery will usually still be set in our using attitude. But, in order to recover we must change this and fast within the first thirty days. So having a mentor whether they are older or younger than you doesn’t matter! Sometimes this used to be my little brother for me… he’s 7 years younger than me but he made the most sense out of anyone I’d talk to. And when you do listen to what they have to say it’ll be the most fascinating thing you’ve ever heard. Why? Because everything you’re thinking and saying is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they are saying and doing! Funny how it works like that! We must surround ourselves with the opposite of who we used to be in order to learn the healthy lifestyle we desire!

4. In order to take a step forward we must first take a step back!
This is something that is close to me because I still to this day have a hard time taking a step back, because then I feel like I’ve not done much of anything. That is the problem most addicts in early recovery have. “I want to do more! More, More, MORE!” This behavior is exactly what got us into trouble in the first place! So, in order to do more we must disengage from a lot of situations and things we find exhilarating or interesting to us, because at that time they might not be doing us any good. This “taking a step back” method gives us room for self-examination and outside examination, too. This gives us notice to be careful and choose the situations we put ourselves in, carefully. With taking a step back, we may realize more than if we were to jump in full force and head first. By taking a step back we may be able to take an even bigger step forward!

Of course I mean what I’m saying here, but not in the way you think probably. I don’t mean be selfish and go out and take something that’s not yours. I mean the exact opposite. What I mean about being selfish in early recovery is that you must take care of #1 and that is YOU! I know in addiction we’ve disappointed a lot of people (or we think we have) and we are constantly trying to please them now that we are in our first thirty days of recovery. Well, how can we continue to please these people if we are not around anymore? Ever think that another relapse would kill me next time? I sure as hell did! But, with taking care of yourself you’re not only strengthening your personal recovery but your strengthening the other relationships around you by simply making yourself available to be there! If we don’t take care of ourselves with this thing called addiction it may take us once and for all, and that’s a scary thought. How would we be able to make these amends if we aren’t here anymore? IT IS CRUCIAL IN THE FIRST THIRTY DAYS TO BE SELFISH! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! And remember you are loved, things get better, and stay sober no matter what!

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