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The Importance of Water in an Addiction Recovery Program

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Signs, signs, and more signs are all that I see the further I go into recovery. But I wasn’t always at this conclusion. I was in a constant source of pain—which many have and claim. It felt like water was washing over me at all possible times. I felt flooded from the wrong things. But I was wrong–wrong about where the signs where leading me. I was wrong.

I didn’t know where the pain was coming from, but it was always a source of agitation in my life. This kind of pain wasn’t from anywhere—it strictly was from nowhere. It didn’t make any sense!

I was young and my hormones where raging. I was a teenager in angst. I viewed the world as hostile so I self medicated the good and the bad. I was in my active addiction then and I didn’t see the true signs. I saw what I wanted to see. Wanna see? Here take a look:

“I remember waking up one day—it’s 12:30 in the afternoon—and I’ve got a splinter for a freaking headache. Ugh the tyranny. Woe is me! The signs where all there, what was I missing out on, and what was wrong?

It was Sunday, and it was 12:30 in the afternoon, I had enough sleep? Or did I? Did I oversleep? Where was this migraine coming from? What do I need to do to fix it? Where’s my next fix?

I was stuck in a fit of rage and couldn’t understand thing, as the voices started screaming: “Look at the signs!” I was thinking—but thinking too much—as the migraine moved down my spine into my body.

I felt the urge to vomit.

I felt the need to best rest all day, “I might not eat—pop another pill, drinking another soda.”

The signs of self-medication are evident but the original prognosis be weary. Why was I in all of this pain? Where is all of this pain coming from? I need a sign!

The signs where all there but I couldn’t tell; my bed lay dripping wet, although that wasn’t the culprit of the headache and body pains.”

According to physics teacher in Perth, Australia by the name of Derek Muller he has come up with the answer on his newest blog post. National public radio covered the story.

Which I well tell you in a second… my misery still awaits. Without further ado more pain:

“I go to sit on the toilet and all I feel is a cluster of what need to be coming…out. I couldn’t handle it! I gave up and I ran out of there screaming, too! This Sh#$ isn’t working! It was utter tyranny again, as I felt the full wrath of this sorcerer called ignorance.” I was in pain man! “Show me a sign!”"

Why was I constipated? Why did I have a migraine? Why when I rushed out of the bathroom was I dizzy? Why did I almost fall to the ground? Why?

Well, here is a little why for you and it’s a lot simpler than you think sometimes. Drink up and stay sober my friends, read on as NPR saves the day, and your minds. NPR take it away:

National Public Radio [6/21/13] states we lose up to or more than a pound a night through carbon emissions. Hint Hint: This is what you exhale when you breathe.

So, we are all floating away like vapor NPR states. Quite literally we are evaporating, NPR and Derek Muller state. Just from the pure fact that you are losing water by just being you, how much did I sweat out too? How much water have I lost to pills or booze in active addiction? A cigarette in active addiction? Where are all of the toxins keeping themselves in my active addiction?

I will tell you:

There was one key ingredient here for survival: >> “H20/WATER.” << Remembering to drink some water when I woke up would have been nice—the signs where all there—in my active addiction. Signs, signs and more signs are all I see. But instead, I drank a different poison during active addiction.

Such an utter catastrophe was now turned into “dehydration,” as I kept dehydrating myself with alcohol. Do you know what the purpose of alcohol is: “Deprive the brain of H20—incurring the symptoms known as ‘drunk’.” Why didn’t I see the sign? This was me in my active addiction.

Why didn’t I see that drinking a bottle of water in the morning, compared to a bottle of jack would take away my headache—caused by dehydration? I was too dehydrated to think anymore about this!

Signs of dehydration—as stated by the Mayo Clinic—are dry, sticky mouth, thirst, sleepiness, headache, constipation, and dizziness. Severe dehydration is increasing these same symptoms like thirst, sleepiness, and headache.

Dehydration can affect things like your liver and kidney functioning. If you don’t drink enough water you can develop a low immune system, too. There is a lot of things that water does for you! If you don’t have proper kidney functioning, in active addiction or not, you could be stuck peeing green, which is a filtration of only toxins out of the urine. What you want is enough water to be peeing clear. What I never knew was when is it enough? Pee clear–Toxins are clear–Everything is properly functioning.

By the pure lack of water, you can induce anxiety and/or depression. It’s all things that can happen from the lack of water. Water acts as a regulatory agent in moods and hormones, which is a key factor to building a strong and populous youth. More water needs to be apparent in all cases of rehabilitation and recovery programs. I do not know how better to prove the point of needing to drink water than this.

In recovery, I drink 10-12 glasses of water a day. I run regularly—I sometimes even drink a gallon a day. I’m feeding on water as it casts out hunger itself. Did you know that drinking more water could reduce hunger in a good way? Now you do. Most of the time you think that you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty instead! Truth.

In recovery, I drink 10-12 glasses of water a day and I go to the bathroom regularly. I know it’s never going to be a S#$%ty day when I drink enough water. Everything I have ticking in my body keeps on ticking; time keeps on spinning, spinning, spinning into the futureee!

Did you know that water acts as a regulatory system for your body’s metabolism, too? Truth be told that if 92% of your blood is water and 60% of your entire body, why wouldn’t it have a major reliance on H20/WATER? Check out an amazing article on this at [Full link below}.

Did you know that this cycle your body is on also regulates mood, anxiety disorders, and depression disorders? This cycle regulates your muscles and how much they will tense or spasm throughout a day. It is certain water is a winner for your body and your recovery!

Water most certainly has a huge factor contributing to those scenarios!

I cannot stress it enough! “Drink water! Drink water! Drink water!” I’ve put my body through a lot of damage, and a liver can re-heal itself only with water… and sometimes some milk thistle (I tried but don’t quote me I am not a doc for that!).

The signs were all there, the signs that water maintains everything I am. Water regulates my very existence!

I quit putting other toxins into my body because I’m already emitting enough of the good stuff anyway! [Carbon Emissions] “I’m floating away!” I scream in my chair writing this drinking as I drink a glass of water!

If I didn’t drink enough water I’d of evaporated by now from all of my active addiction! Thank the heavens for that! No one ever told me to drink enough water until I started getting clean, so I’m just passing the message along: “Please, please, please! DRINK WATER MY FRIENDS! IT’S IMPORTANT!!”



For more on the Mayo Clinic Article on headaches go here:

For more on the National Public Radio article of Carbon Emissions go here: [

Informational website on Water:

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