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The Substance For You Saga Pt. 8

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The Substance For You Saga Pt. 8

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Halfway House
Halfway to Homeless

On the last day of my stay at the rehab center there was a sober living environment owner who came in and pitched all of us on the idea that living with him in the guys home! My newfound rehab best friend thought it was a great idea too. It sounded like freedom to me—well freedom from my parent’s rules, of which I was dead wrong. I later found out upon arrival to the halfway house that my parent’s rules were the more reasonable and healthy rules. I should have always trusted my parents from the start! [I love you mom, I love you dad!]

The owner of the halfway house was embezzling money and sleeping with the women houses for their courtesy of qvidian.com saga The Substance For You Saga Pt. 8 sales pitch cartoonrent money. He would enforce rules like we were in a death camp. He would raid the houses at 3 in the morning doing random drug testing. He would do full on search and seizures, stealing our material objects if they aren’t in concurrence with HIS and only his viewpoint. It felt a lot less like the freedom he made it out to be and a lot more like “my way or the highway.” Literally, the other option was the highway down the street, as there was a little creek under an overpass that many of the guys who got kicked out slept at!

It started to look like the highway overpass was becoming a good option as the roommate I'd paired with since rehab had taken his chances with using again.

As I started out in the house, I remember being robbed for drugs from some people who we called, “In and outers.” These guys would most likely come in from court appointment and one good (or bad) time I was robbed clean. I learned to keep my Xbox in a lock case after every night, along with all the games I didn’t have anymore.

The guy who robbed me calls, “Hey man! Drive me to my grandma’s at Joy and Evergreen down in Detroit, please she needs some help.” Well, first off who needs help at 3 A.M. and second off the only grandma of his I’d know he was going to see on Joy road was his crack dealer. He was in that day, and out the very next.

I always hated waking up before noon, especially in my addiction, but now that I was clean it was hard to set any kind of schedule. I remember sleeping on the floor with no mattress for three whole weeks, some nights getting no sleep. The owner walks in and says, “You're the kind that has a hard time giving himself something to do, huh?” I looked at him like he thought I was some sort of privilege prissy. “I’m not sure what you mean?” I slighted, when I knew exactly what he meant… “Why are you squatting here, youngster!?” Besides the owner not liking me I was the same age as his partner and son who would watch our privates as we drug tested. “That’s a piss poor job you’re doing there! Look a little harder!” I told him as he watched me pee and I winked to give him some hesitation.

This all lasted an honest and few good months until it started to get warm. My parents were finally coming around and there was a group bonfire at the home. My dad came over because women weren’t allowed at the guy’s houses… even my mom. It was kind of contradictory to someone who is sleeping with the girls and the women’s houses, but oh well right?

courtesy of glenshawvalleychurch.us saga The Substance For You Saga Pt. 8 mdYouthBonfireMy dad came for the bonfire and it was a soft gentle evening. We sat back and of course drank coffee throughout the night. Some of the guys from the other houses joined and out of sheer luck my dad knew one of them. Through some pretty great conversation a phoenix rose from these ashes. We all started to bond and I told him how I was helping repair the house, and earn some trust back within our community. I was even given permission to go back to the old “house” and use my/our drum-set a few times. This was an act of, well, a higher power greater than me for sure. Then he said it:

“Son, I’d like you to move back home. We love you and we miss you… I’m not really asking. Please son, join us back at home, your mother would love her little boy back, and so would I.”


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