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Altruism and the Savior from Addiction

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I keep pressuring the term, “Help spread the message.” A lot of people in recovery seem to want to help each other this fact is true. I mean why wouldn’t we? Are we really all out to get each other? Or is society shifting to more altruism?

This society is now quite the opposite of vengeance. With the rising levels of drug addiction and other deviant acts (deviant:  acts not acceptable by social standards), everyone just wants the other person to get well. People really want people like them, to get better. 

People want this because they see the success as something they themselves can build on. This is crucial in addiction recovery.  We must stick together right?courtesy of altruism Altruism and the Savior from Addiction 114281 112170


But, why must we “spread the message?"

As long as there have been ideas, there have been feelings, too.  

Altruism defined by Darwinians (Social Darwinism fanatics) as promoting the welfare of others by any means possible. This even means promoting the genuine care of others when it can be at great risk to yourself. We just want others to succeed, but it isn’t completely selfless either. But, wait for that argument!

Altruistic people really seem to go out of their way to help those in need. Truly they are doing this for some reason, right? Why do people want to see others be well?

The feeling of being an altruistic person can be rewarding. But, this feeling can be rewarding to those you help, too. 

Spreading the message is key. Spreading the message is crucial, but not just to those we are spreading it to. Spreading the message is crucial to our own survival!

Spreading the message is as altruistic—in the most theological of senses—we can get.  We all want to help each other get better. We just want each other to get better from addiction, better from co-dependency, or even better from mental health issues. We just want betterment.

We want to help each other get better, but like I said this isn’t a total selfless act. You are reaping a lot of benefit yourself. And, this is not to say that the selfish aspect of altruism is bad either! Because, it is not!

We want each other to feel better because it triggers key chemicals in our brain that respond to things like pleasure and reward. This is a natural form of positive reinforcement. 

First you are helping someone else, but in return you are helping yourself become better in many health related ways, too!  It’s nothing bad, and doesn’t mean you’re a bad person by helping someone, just because you’re getting rewarded too!  It’s quite the opposite.  If only we could help each other in easier more efficient ways, don’t you think the world could be an even greater place?

 So, by helping each other we are truly helping ourselves at the same exact time!  

This is the point of “spreading the message.”  Helping each other, help each other, can’t get any better than that… but it does! goes on claiming this staggering fact about altruism in addiction.  It goes as such:

Altruism fights addiction: Studies have shown that addicts who help others, even in small ways, can significantly improve their chances of staying sober and avoiding relapse; this is true among adults and adolescents alike.”

 Altruistic people can help prevent relapse and improve their chances of staying sober/clean, while helping other people! The sharing of this message—YOUR MESSAGE—is crucial!  

Help me by helping others! Extend your hand, and let’s join together!

I want to hear your story and so do many others! It can truly help a lot of people. But most of all it can help you!

Always in memory of those who have fallen—may you rest in peace—and my thoughts to those still suffering, wherever you may be I just want you to know: “I’m here and I’m listening…”

For more on the Berkley and altruism article go here:

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