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A New Perspective: Recovery changes everything!

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Recovery gives you a different perspective on things compared to addiction. In active addiction people usually look at things in an aggressive, or passive aggressive state of mind. Those struggling with active addiction feel, and act like theirs, yours, and others emotions are amplified, or on another extreme, dulled completely.

In recovery people tend to want to work on things for betterment; work on their character defects and fix themselves. People going through the notions of early recovery tend to say that they are sorry a lot, too. 

But, on the other hCourtesy of jazz advice.com perspective A New Perspective: Recovery changes everything! oppositesand, people with a few years of experience tend to say, “It’s going to be okay” a lot more than others.

So, in recovery, those going through the emotions with a positive support team behind them eventually do get better!

In active addiction if someone says something as simple as, “Hey!” with added emphasis on the greeting, they would perceive this as one of two ways: “Attack mode or F-off completely.”

Comparatively, those in recovery with a grasp on their surroundings would most commonly greet this greeting with a hug or a handshake. Do you see the extreme differences? It’s easy to say that active addiction makes you a completely different person than living a clean and serene life. In reality, with the difference in brain chemistry and lifestyle choices, you absolutely are a different person. It’s not that you’re at fault; it’s just the human nature of it.

Paranoia, depression, emotional abuse, and other unattractive gestures accompany active addiction. This is because of the different nature that the culture of addiction brings in society. Your so-called, “Normal” person would think that what an addict does is crazy and absurd! But, the addict views their actions as normal, or almost as a means of survival. It’s not wrong again, it’s just different. This is where perspective comes into play even more.

During the socialization process, and growing up in an American culture, it’s easy to see the labels and stigmas placed upon those who suffer from addiction. These very notions of ‘perspective’ on our culture, and the way we simply, “see things” is where these stigmas grow and originate from. Erik Erikson, a world renown philosopher and sociologist, best described the changes throughout the life course in his work. And some of his cohorts like Cooley and G.H. Mead were contributors to the theories of the socialization process as well.

No one is born with the notion of calling someone “crazy” or a “fiend.” Some may argue that you can be born inherently deviant. But, most biological social science theories are currently being debunked. There is more of a feature of nurture and perspective of those around you that goes into growing one’s perspective. In a theory called the looking glass self (Charles Horton Cooley 1902) you are what others perceive you to be. Courtesy of 3.bp.blogspot.com perspective A New Perspective: Recovery changes everything! socialization kids

So, most are be taught by the very social fabric in which we live in to place stigmas and labels upon those suffering, instead of kind-hearted gestures to someone in true need. This type of socialization comes from peer groups, family, or school. These are the most common trends in picking up these key gestures throughout the life course.

The thing is that in recovery you tend to smile more, but you also tend to cry a lot more, too. Why is this?

This is because recovery is full of emotions! That’s the best part about it… being able to feel again (in the right ways)! But this takes training/practice and time. That’s why there are numerous programs and options out there to better yourself. But these programs aren’t key only for their knowledge, but they are beneficial because they provide you with others of like minded situations of whom you can surround yourself with and realize the one key thing you may need to get over the hump: “YOU’RE NOT ALONE IN THIS BATTLE!”

Before, in active addiction, most are too dull or too hypersensitive to key situations throughout the life course. Recovery is a process full of learning to feel these emotions that we’ve been dulling or amplified, in more of a “grey area.”

There is a middle ground. That is what needs to be understood the most. To better yourself you need to learn to take it one step at a time (no matter what kind of step it is… even if it’s just relaxing and taking a breath!).

Recovery’s about learning to moderate yourself one-step, day, moment, pace at a time. Recovery won’t happen over night, but almost all programs that give you love and time to heal, guarantee a promise of a better life. This fact is true! This is your faith that if the right things are done—even if you aren’t sure which direction is right, just keep trying—the right things will happen in return!

Your addiction didn’t run it’s course in one night so live, and let love in your recovery, and happiness will find you when you least expect it. You will be truly grateful for this feeling when it finds you. You will know when it finds you, and truly humbled by it. That I can guarantee!

Recovery is a different perspective than active addiction, all together. It’s a 180-degree turn around. It’s a switch-a-roo on everything you’ve known to be known. Different isn’t bad, it’s great in this case. A case for recovery, it’s a better life. It’s a new perspective on everything, completely!

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