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What does Recovery feel like?

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Recovery feels like a feeling that I have never felt before. Recovery feels like something driving more of me forward. Forward to positivity! Recovery feels like a breath of fresh air from that mask I was absorbed by, whatever the struggle may be. Today I am ultimately set free as I work towards health, love, and prosperity!

My issues were surrounding me. They put on the blinders to my life! But now with pulling down the façade, I can breathe and see a new light!


I felt consumed by my past’s issues and mistakes. But through the grace of recovery I find myself. And through staying clean of bad thoughts and actions, while working on myself everyday, I can now live anew. I am utterly happy and free of the chains that were shackling me down. With recovery I break free and become a new me!

Recovery gives me tests, but sometimes I don’t even know I’m taking one!


Sometimes I answer the questions recovery is asking me correctly. It is bliss without the ignorance when I come face to face with the good deeds it grants! But, other times I fall back to my old habits and ask myself, “What can I do differently next time?” and that is okay! It’s all about growing with recovery, not giving up!

So that’s where I must stop myself. I must take an inventory, learn to correct my behaviors, and try to be the best me that I can be! I know I can do it! So can you! I know you can!

People ask if it has a true scent to it, and for me? I can answer yes with the trueness circling the air… Recovery smells like spring flowers right after a rainbow filled rainfall. You walk outside to the morning sunlight and yawn. “Ahh, relief.”

Recovery is something that’s irreplaceable, because it is mine, and it can be yours too…

You get that feeling that no other feeling can give you with recovery. Why? BecausCourtesy of static2.quoteswave.com recovery What does Recovery feel like? You are beautifule no one is really giving you anything… you earned it! And you continue to with each positive step forward you take, holding recovery’s hand through the flowerous eden we call serenity.

But what have I done for this? You can say I’ve worked extremely hard to get these days, weeks, months, minutes, hours, and a day clean. Is it mine? I say yes! I earned this feeling. I truly did, and I want you to tell yourself one thing, too.

Tell yourself thank you. Tell yourself thank you for caring for yourself, just for today!


On an opposite stroke, I must paint the picture of truth in this journey as well. Not everything may be given so easily, but it is earned more powerfully than any other gift that recovery can give. A hard day can result in a truer feeling of recovery than a good, sometimes.

So, some day’s recovery can give me a test that I fail. This is a test that isn’t designed for winning, though. It is purposeful and deliberate. It’s a test of growth, one that I must fail to only retry for the better parts of me to truly succeed! There are tests in recovery that are designed for all of us to fail for a solitary reason: “Growing stronger.” And I do, so I know you can too!

While learning from past mistakes it can, and should be, a focal point of some days in recovery.

It’s the truly hard times that make the good ones even better! I promise!

Those mistakes might come that day or it might be a realization that you had along your journey a long time ago. Sometimes you must fail in order to succeed. But this isn’t for any reason, again, you’re growing strong with each step and movement you take within recovery! Just keep giving it your all kiddo, I know you can!

This doesn’t mean you must give into past temptations in order to succeed. So, if you live with recovery and grow with it, you won’t have to! We only fall in recovery to learn how to pick ourselves up one extra time! It’s always about succeeding one extra time than your setback! You’re recovering, each and every step of the way! And it does take time, but recovery truly is possible, please, believe me! I’m living proof, I take this stand with you and go through it every day by your side too!

Things also arise in recovery that you must do while remaining strong! You may lose someone or something. You may be sick or hurt in some way, but that doesn’t mean your closest friend–recovery–isn’t right there with you. Can’t you see, this is just another chance to prove that recovery works even further? Recovery doesn’t just apply to bad behaviors or things of that sort, it is a lifestyle to attest to! It’s a journey truly worth living by as an oath. So today I raise my right hand and swear by it… RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE! So, stop! Think, and evaluate…

Bad situations don’t mean you must lose your recovery, or you’ve lost it! It’s quite simply a stepping-stone into a new journey; within your recovery. Always do the right thing by putting that right foot forth! I am walking, right beside you. We are on this journey together, can’t you feel it?

Some days recovery may smell bad and funny, too. It’s not all flowers and sunshine, but it’s not ever a chance to give up either! Never give up!

Recovery may feel like a coarse grainy object that you can’t stand while it’s still rubbing you in the face. NAG NAG NAGGING YOU! But haven’t we dealt with this before? YES! You can pull through, I know you will, because recovery isn’t only possible… It’s so worth it, too!

These days can be regarded to making bigger strides within your recovery. The harder something pushes on you the harder your recovery pushes back the stronger you become. With each “push back” you become stronger with your recovery too! This is SUPERHERO STRENGTH… only if I were an action hero I’d be un-defeatable! Just like you are too

courtesy of lovethispic.com recovery What does Recovery feel like? 49795 Strong Is Sexy

Not all days will be perfect. Not all days will be bad. The day is simply what you make of it! Recovery can be good. Recovery can be difficult. But, recovery is never bad.

As the old saying goes, “2 steps forward-1 step back.”

Progress is progress, and it’s really important to learn when we start to repeat our old ways–whatever they were, whatever you’re recovering from–and replace it with a new pair of sneakers to get walking forward in that newfound recovery of yours. Once we learn we are better and these “ways” we can take a step back to fix the issues that much easier! Then, through this given strength you can take your two steps forward! Beating your old ways to the punch line!

Recovery now making you 3X as strong!
You go champ!

Just like any day in life. There are good days, and there are bad days, but those in recovery face different dilemmas, too.

We may all have one or two, or even three things in common, but every single person is an individual WHILE sharing this journey. It may sound like irony, but think about it again… I know you’ll get it! It’s life in the grey zone, not an extreme.

There are good days and bad days, but what you take from your day is where YOUR recovery will guide you.

Life will grant you good days and you will be tested with bad ones too. Live by your goal of recovery, put the right foot forth, and have faith.

I believe in you! So do many others! <3

With all of this being said I can positively attest to recovery, and that it is surely rocking the heck out of my old ways of thinking!

Simply, recovery is awesome, but expectedly not all of the time; rightfully so! I’m even more grateful for those hard times! I am grateful for the life experiences that train me to be stronger, healthier, caring, and humble!

Let your recovery TAKE OVER!

Courtesy of bbgohio.com recovery What does Recovery feel like? questionsBut, that’s just me (as I state we are all individuals in a diverse world), and that is how I feel about recovery.

Many others experience recovery similarly, so you are NOT alone! So my question is…

How do you feel about recovery?

Email me at SubstanceForYou@gmail.com to share your passionate and strong journey of recovery, whatever it may be! We want to hear it, and with your permission, share it for thousands to see and be inspired by… YOU!

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