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The Substance For You Saga Pt. 3

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The Substance For You Saga Pt. 3

Pt. 3

For Part 2 go here- 

My First Intervention

Didn’t last long…


This lasted for about six months until my ex-ex girlfriend (the nympho) came back into the picture and told my mom how high I looked all the time. She had somehow let the cat out of the bag when she rode in the car with me one time and I almost swerved off the highway at full speed. “Brian looks like he’s smoking a lot of weed mom. I don’t think that’s all either…” she said. Hopefully she didn’t tell her about the effects the drugs had on my sexual activity either… I absolutely hated her for it.

My mom sat me down and gave me some options to get myself “better.” Ultimately she took me to a courtesy of substance The Substance For You Saga Pt. 3 Hands pointing at man in accusationclinic where I was sat down by a doctor, nurse, specialist, and parents and I had my first intervention after six months of pill and alcohol abuse. The male nurse looks at me and says, “Kid you don’t want to be where I was.” I looked at him with the bare amount of strength I could to lift my head.

You see I knew the intervention was coming and I was tipped off. About an hour before I was brought into the office I went downstairs to play some music, pretty typical. I did however promise myself at the end of each song I played I would take 1-2 Vicodin as one last hoorah.

The nurse looked at me again as I start to pass out on him and says, “You see these marks on my arm?” as the drool comes pooling onto my shirt. I was too many pills deep to count. He slights at me, “This stuff is from the real deal, Heroin. You don’t want to touch that shit man. It’s worse than these pills your on.” All the while all that I could think of at the moment was what could be worse? It wasn’t worse than the pills I was on, I told him it was worse than the pills he was making me get off!

The doctor walks in and takes one look at me and says, “Welp. He’s overdosed.” My mom shrieks of course. “What do we do?” she asked. He wasn’t too surprised that I almost fell face first into the ground from my seated position. “We wait until he wakes up!” I could hear the doctor saying as I scream from inside my head, “I’m awake asshole!”

courtesy of substance The Substance For You Saga Pt. 3 depressed overdose pills FavimBy the time I had awoke from my beauty rest the nurse was on his knees in front of me holding a wet cloth on the back of my neck. He says I should give him my pills. I swear the only things that made me do it that day was two things: 1) The look on my mothers face 2) Weed waiting at home. That’s exactly why this intervention didn’t last very long. I was a master manipulator and took full advantage of the help that was being thrown at me. The doctor looked at me and questioned why I was in here for a second time. I said, “Second?” Evidently this wasn’t my first intervention after all.

During my Adderall binge I remember detoxing in the most gnarliest of ways until I saw this same doctor for some mental health issues. Apparently he was talking about the Ritalin he gave me to wean me off of high doses of Adderall.

“Yeah, now I remember doc… that’s an intervention? These things are a lot easier than I thought they were!”

I was quickly started on Suboxone after the drugs were out of my system for 24 hours. I did however continue to smoke weed everyday and that didn’t seem to be on the top of anyone’s priority list. It seemed to make me fade in and out of reality, which was my ultimate purpose at this point.

My roommate back at the house that I was being kicked out of reminded me to stop unpotting the potted plants. “Playing with dirt isn’t nice Brian!” he tells me. “Screw off it’s not your house!” I told him, as the dirt felt soft against my mushy hands. “It’s not your house anymore either," he says as my dad walks up telling the lot to move their shit out.

After a couple weeks of Suboxone I started vomiting every day and the doctor ran some tests.   Evidently I was “allergic” to Suboxone, or this was just an excuse to get off it. This Subxone shit tasted like rotten fruit (especially oranges) with a hint of bitter and taste of dying. The puking was something I was used to at this point though, not like I couldn’t handle it, although I did not want it. Regardless they stopped the medication. After about 24 hours coming off of Suboxone my withdrawal started all over again.

I was taking 3 orangecourtesy of substance The Substance For You Saga Pt. 3 Suboxone medallions everyday and then “Wham” cold turkey. I didn’t know anything about this Suboxone at the time, but I heard it was supposed to help you get off drugs without detox. Apparently it comes with a big ass CAUTION, “This detox is just as bad as the other opiates you tried to kick!” And I was immediately back to square one.

Roughly one week after being off Suboxone I was steady again with the nympho and my psyche started to deteriorate again, fast. My best friend (the singer from my bands) gave me an alternative, as he’d been on Suboxone just as much as he shot heroin. He told me the effects heroin had on you and how it was similar to my alcoholism and pill abuse, but would get the job done in one quick swoop… or push of a needle.

I would beg him to take me downtown with him a few times as a joke and he would always shrug it off. He would always tell me, “Trust me man you don’t want to go there!” We always joked about it, although the joking didn’t last for long. A couple days of barraging him with antagonizing behavior he caved, “Where do you keep going?” One day he didn’t shrug it off, he just turned the car around and headed to Detroit and said “YOU’RE PAYING!” [Misery loves company I guess right?]

We got what he called “lotto-tickets.” These lotto tickets where the little tickets you got from any liquor or gas station for free. The drug dealers would get rolls of them and package small little envelopes of heroin, or your choice of drugs in them! All that I did the first time was half of a ten-dollar lotto-ticket, which was the smallest amount I could do my first time with a tolerance built to pills my partner said. He called it dog-food, but what’s the difference, it was still considered heroin to me.

The Saga can’t end here though, only getting utterly and obviously worse it continues in Part 4.  here- 

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