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Addicted to Music Pt. 3 – Frank Palangi

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Hi there! I’m a positive rock artist from Upstate NY and what I’d like to share with you all is that you can still be a rocker without using drugs and living the party every night and day lifestyle. I live a clean lifestyle and although it may go against the typical “rocker” image, it doesn’t mean your any less of a rocker! I’ve been sober all of my life, never drinking at gigs or doing any drugs and I’m proud of that.

Courtesy of Frank Palangi

Sure it was around me in school, and at my shows, but I knew better not to fall for that stuff. I grew up with strong family values with supportive parents. I have stayed honest and true to myself staying away from the party scenes. I surrounded myself with friends that are honest and live a clean lifestyle. In school, I always heard about drugs and some guys coming to class drunk or fighting all the time but I shut that out of mind and focused on what mattered. Music is one of things that helped me keep my focus and motivation to have goals and succeed. Sure, I’ve had to deal with a few of my past band members falling into drugs and having to let them go but it’s a fact probably all of us will be around it at one point in our lives but be aware and look at for the signs.

I had been seeing missing person cases on TV come up over and over again and people I knew that I saw their lives draining away with drinking and battles of addiction. I felt I had to release a different type of song then before with last year’s single and music video called “HOPE”. It sends out a strong positive message that I wanted for people in need. As an artist you always wish to connect with your audiences but I believe this hits home on something everyone can relate too. I’ve had family members

Courtesy of Frank Palangigo down the road of drug use and addiction as well. With so much negative out there, I really wanted to do something that was opposite. All of my music has a positive twist to it but this was more specific. I was influenced from the great metal bands of the 80’s including “Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy, Ratt, Dokken, Def Leppard and bands of the 90’s Creed, The Cure, Godsmack, 3 Doors Down among others. I looked at the way they lived and partied and etc. and learned from the interviews, behind the scenes, etc. that it wasn’t the way I wanted to be as an image for fans. I do music full time and it’s my passion and career but it’s still the driving focus to do well and live well.

Live your dreams, have goals and don’t be afraid to go after them. Be proud of who you are.

“I have no plan B in backing down on my dreams” – Frank Palangi

Find Frank and his positive lifestyle and inspirational music about hope go here- 

For part for of Addicted to Music on the band “Rise and Revolt” go here-

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