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AA/NA: Faith or Cult?

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Jessica Bartolome puts “please pray for me,” as Pope Francis’ most noteworthy phrase during his “five-day visit to the Philippines.”

Through participant observation studies this information was to be gathered and analyzed as such:

“As I tumbled with my own emotions a few months ago stating ‘we both have our reasons; we both have our missions,’ who knew our paths would collide the way they did? I didn’t find my higher power. My higher power found me.”

Deep in my room, the lights were off. I was crying on the phone with my girlfriend, who happens to live in the Philippines. We were salty about the distance. We were hurting from the lack of touch. But, all aside, I loved her still the same. So, I missed her, inherently.

She claims that she is watching Pope Francis address her people. I asked her to “please pray for me.” At first she asks what was wrong? Then she surprised me! She promised to do this only if I prayed for myself!

The next day I find out that graduation is six months sooner than expected! Best news of the month!”

Faith works for some people. This is my coming to believe. Faith found me. Did you find faith or did faith find you? If you are a nonbeliever then, where does your faith lie?

For some they find places like Alcoholics Anonymous as faith pushers. Others find it homely. We're personally undecided. So, we leave this for you to decide.

In the “Big Book” chapter four is titled: WE AGNOSTICS.  We Agnostics chronicles how Bill W. (founder) made true believers out of those that follow his ideologies.  This would require some admiration and a heck of a lot of faith!

Bill W. and Alcoholics Anonymous make firm believers out of a lot of folks. It seems to work for many, but quite a few still remain skeptical.

thefix.com faith or cult AA/NA: Faith or Cult? billw posterSome throw slanders towards foundations that grow on faith. “CULT” for instance, is one of the most common. But, if we try and not conform to something that needs a group effort, are we doomed to fail from the start? You could answer that better than I could.

To up the anti… What about the ones to take stance against the stand? Are they no better than a cult themselves? Are they themselves a cult?

Faith, if thrown into the criminal justice system, would be considered a victimless crime. But, still many claim it hurts them, and many try to hurt faith back.

With whatever side of the fence you land on, understand, you should know on which side you land on fully!

According to Jimmy Akin and many other Christian writers, “It takes more faith to disbelieve in God than to believe.” [Do Atheists Have Faith. Strangenotions.com. Jimmy Akin.]

Now, in this respect, we aren’t directly talking about God. We must understand the differences in faith we talk about, too (because more than one are engaged here!).

Credo house states there are four types of faith (reclaimingthemind.org. Four Types of Faith. 1/27/13). There are:

  1. Blind Faith: The blinder the jump the bigger the faith would be summarized best here. All faith takes in attempt is a step, for until then you are blind to it.
  2. Irrational Faith: Irrational Faith is something we would tend to believe in despite what all the facts say to us. “We believe it anyways.”
  3. Warranted Faith: There is only thing that warrants anything in this world. We believe it because it makes sense to US. As “us” is socially constructed!
  4. Biblical Faith: This is neither blind nor irrational faith. This type of faith is straightforward intellect and personal effort into the religion/subject. But, not relying on this alone there is accepting the Holy Spirit and that trinity ignites the faith. This all solely lies on the power of the Holy spirit.

Our faith lies in many, many spots.  So, to ask the obvious question on everybody’s mind:  “Where does your faith lie?”

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