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When you’re feeling down, read this!

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Courtesy of pinterest.comFeeling down and self centered is normal. Feeling unworthy of happiness is also normal. But those feelings just aren't true. You must realize that those feelings aren't real in order to live. Remembering that you're worth a happy life is essential. But how do you come to that conclusion when we’re feeling down? The answer to happiness lies within you…

You have special skills that are worthy to you and worthy to others. You have the strength of character and a distinct pattern in your life cycle that makes you worthwhile to the World, so don’t feel down, rather become a master of that thing, skill, talent, vision of yourself that makes you better, pushing you towards your destiny. And don’t just get up and do it once, twice, or thrice. Get up and do it fifty, or one hundred times a day, or an hour. Find that honesty within yourself and say, “I can push for more, because I am worthy of greatness!” And how you get that is by bringing your humane spirit to the forefront of this fight, achieve powerful will above such great odds when you’re feeling like nothing else matters, and make up your mind to hold on and endure, again and again. This is a winner’s quality, so keep pushing.

But there may be negative publicity that goes along with this, people telling you that you’re not good enough and they’re saying it so well that you will start to doubt yourself because of that other person. But you need to harness your will and know that you deserve this, and what holds you together is ignoring those negativities, ignoring those critics and persevering not through response to them but response to yourself! Because when you respond to your own moral compass and teach yourself the right instead of listening to the wrong and letting it seep in, you will have automatically taught the wrong that you are the right. Be relentless and look for that way that you always win, that you always persevere, that you always do the better thing than before. Because when you’re feeling down it’s not the end, and even life will get tired of kicking you in the behind eventually. So kick right back!

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Try anything because you may not know what that goodness is and when it shines, but once it does have a good time with it, because we know we aren’t getting out of life alive, but we must have a good time doing what we are good at while we are here. Don’t let the negative emotions sit you down, demotivate you and hold you back from living your life to the fullest because once the passion shines through, you will speak so loudly, live with a fire, and become the positive. Be apt to surrounding yourself with people a kindred mindset or else that feeling of depression will seep in from your circle. Don’t make your circle so closed off that the negativity can become contagious, rather, become uplifted and be the happiness that infects the world, not just a circle of small people, with small minds. Why? Because you are the kind of person that is fearless, and negativity leaves fearless people alone!

So never forget that you’re unstoppable but it really is okay to stop, stand back, and fully release everything you have on a situation, moment, or passion. So don’t get confused, you’re not stagnant, especially if you’re getting and giving everything you have towards that specific passion you have, in the right now! 

Now remember to always separate the things you’ve done from the things you are. Once you believe and you know you’re better than the old, and out with it too, you’re born to a new state of consciousness and that old person has no judgement over you. That person is not you and will never be you again if you try to go for it, beat the odds, and live a life filled with better minds, better opportunities, and better passions all stemming from your positive self. Because if there is something that’s holding you back, still, don’t you dare pay it no mind right now, because I’m not who I was five seconds ago as long as I’m doing something for a conscious goal, and neither are you if that goal being to hit a home-run next and every time at bat. You can’t decide about the future from what’s based on the past, because if we knew better we would do better and have done better. So, it’s not a way out, it’s more than a better you. It’s the best you, just for today.

courtesy of coachmelissag.tumblr.com

One key piece of advice is that whatever you want to do with this passion is that you should get up and find the giants in this area, people you follow, people you love, and tell them, “I want to do what you do!” Don’t be afraid of it either, they are you, and without you they wouldn’t be them either. What you need to do is develop rapport whichever way you can to these people who are going to be the future you. Whether it be getting a sponsor that will change your life, or spreading the recovery movement with the pivotal leaders, make sure to get ready and prepare yourself, watch their skills and worry about when they work the controls of the job, system, or passion they’re doing and not to worry about how you’ll get it; just hold your passion and hold your vision until that time does come. The most inspirational thing to a moment that will change your life is how hungry you do stay, so never lose that vision, and get ready for it when you are called upon, then you put the phone down when your pulled up in ranks, and go do what you’re meant to do. Hold the fire inside, watch the leaders until they’re ready to pass the torch, because you will be needed, so stay ready, you are needed and that fire will catch aflame to the entire world if you never give up your pursuit and your passion. Be persistent and never ever surrender. You may not know what the power is exactly that will be passed to you, but when you stay hungry and are prepared, you will change the world, if you aren’t already!

Change the world. Walk when you can walk. Talk when you can talk. And be known when you’re known. Don’t let failure be you, don’t give success a specific mindset, but instead keep pushing for it in the right now, and eventually that past miss will become right now’s opportunity, because if you want this something and you’re hungry for it, do what you can until you’re called upon, don’t throw the towel in at the one-yard line. This movement is knocking on your front door. Be about your dream and leave yourself with one thing in mind. Be ready, you’re a storm of positivity when you live like this, and it’s a heck of a way to push the world in the right direction, all by just being you. So I have one last question for you…

Are you ready? Knock, knock…

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