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A Sober Stigma You've Never Heard Before!

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The stigma that you’ve never noticed from the eyes of a non-sober/recovering person is that, “Sober people think that, because of sobriety, they are better than you (people who don’t claim sobriety).”

Source: Many people I’ve encountered throughout college, music, and work (Substance For You) have said these exact words, in this exact order.

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My response…

There has been an alternative stigma surrounding sober people, or people who claim long term sobriety for specifics. This stigma is an odd one in my book, because I wonder who the hell came up with it? This stigma surrounds the glamorization of sobriety and on the other end, those who simply “don’t want to hear about it.”

A lot of moguls—or normies, who don’t do drugs—have this perception that people who claim sobriety think that because they’re sober, we (the sober ones) think that we’re better than everyone else. In short, sober people think they’re better than the rest of the world because they’re sober. And, from stories I’ve heard, people that don’t struggle with addiction or don’t claim sobriety go as far to say we (sober people) are shoving sobriety down their throat, just like any other movement whom is stigmatized.

I’ve got a friend who doesn’t drink, but has not suffered with addiction and still doesn’t claim sobriety for the chance he may ever go back to drinking socially. This friend tells me he runs across sober people all the time that are “pushing this shit in his face.” At least those were his words. But to me? I live sobriety each and every day, pushing it proudly. For me it’s like if I don’t have sobriety to be proud where would I begin? And it’s not a sense of pushing it in his face, in fact with sobriety I’m no different than him, in my book. But, without sobriety I would be defiling his beliefs more than anything else. So how do I win?

Maybe it’s not a point of winning or losing on either side here. Without sobriety I was a person who was broken and bruised, a person who was tormenting himself into hurting the one’s he loved each and every day. When I was using there was a sense of humanly struggle. And the point that I’m at in my life now is sobriety. So to conclude this point, if I have sobriety doesn’t that actually make me more like you, than if I didn’t?

You see, we are all people just dealing with things the best way we can. I have to say I’m not better than you because of sobriety, but, I am you because of sobriety. Now that I’ve dealt with a humanly struggle I can feel the connection that we are now brothers and sisters in a battle known as life.

Yes. Life is a battle and it’s actually what binds us to survival and unity in our communities. Without the need for living there would be no struggle. And to find ourselves at another turning point, with struggle comes that humanity we all strive for. Whether your problem was, or is, depression, I’ve been there too. We all have moments of solidarity that ultimately bind us together in society. These moments, whatever the struggle may be, is not shoving anything in anyone’s face either.

I’m not shoving sobriety in your face, just as much as you’re not shoving the fact that you survived a car accident in mine. We all need things to talk about to bring us towards an equal understanding of what each other represents. And at this specific time in my life (that I chose not to go back from), is a representation of sobriety in its fullest. Now, whatever you chose to represent makes you a person of a unique quality because you have your own story behind it, but behind the quality as a whole we all can bind together and say, “I’ve made my struggle, my strength.”

“I’ve made my struggle, my strength.”

So realize whether I’m sober, or you’ve lost 100 pounds, or your dad just got a promotion it’s these things that define us, and is absolutely not shoving any sort of stigma in anyone’s face. And to those who are offended by it, I’m sorry, but that’s your stigma to deal with. You’re the one creating it and because I’m fine with it, I really don’t mind that you are the one who has to live with it. Because I know where I stand, and that’s above the odds of stigma. As anyone in their right mind at this point, six years in recovery, would say, “I’m loud, proud, and I’m sober!”

Are you with me? Screw the stigma, stand up for your sobriety! We are all the same because of it…
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