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Infant Abuse from Romania: Adam's Childhood Trauma

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My name was Sergiu Marinescu and today my name is Adam Geiger. I'm 27-years-old and I was born in a city of Romania called Timisoara on April 6th 1990.

Four months after the fall of a megalomaniac dictator who forced women of child bearing age to produce a minimum of 5 children I was born and placed into a very unfortunate and terrible circumstance in an orphanage for infants!

This dictator dictated my immediate and future health in hopes to build a strong country. This is when birth control was banned and the country was considered extremely poor. All of this was was more than unfortunate... it was abuse; and I still suffer from it.

For 11 months I was subjected to severe malnourishment, severe neglect, abuse, and starvation. I was starving to death until my new adoptive parents here in Pittsburgh saw the stories of my situation and how terrible things had gotten for so many innocent, neglected people.

My new parents jumped into action as fast as they could! And it's lucky that they did, when they did because I was one of the last to be adopted out of this entire situation! Adoption closed mere days after I was selected and saved from such traumatic situations. 

I wish that I could tell you that my story is that of a full recovery however the truth is that I still struggle with the trauma daily!

I feel the pain of being rejected by my birth family every single day and I'm now 27-years-old.

I have terrible nightmares almost nightly. I struggle with debilitating panic attacks, feelings of self-doubt and crippling emotions.

However, I'm choosing to share my pain in hopes to educate heal and show others with similar pain that they are never alone and that recovery is possible with work, self love, and a lifestyle of compassion. In closing, my life is a very lucky one and a story of perseverance and survival!


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  • Tim on

    Damn brother.. I never knew this!! Thanks for not staying in the shadows n sharing so honestly!

  • jeni on

    Adam… you are so brave. Thank you for sharing your story. I am going to post this on my non-profit’s facebook page.

  • kathy on

    wow, what a story. thanks for sharing.

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