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Addiction Commercials Rule! This is why…

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I’m absolutely loving that there are more addiction awareness commercials on television! Do you think that the TV is targeting you with specific awareness commercials just because you’ve dealt with addiction? I do! I don’t think it’s possible for the TV channels to do that, but I know that it is with online networking…

I saw one recently from LISTEN, where there is a young adult caught by his father, using drugs. It stems out for a few seconds, where he looks a little bit stoned. But then, it comes back in and he’s on the phone with his dad says, “Listen! I need help!” And pretty soon, you see the young adult getting the help that he was asking for! But the premise of this ad is that there is no stigma surrounded with getting, or asking for, help.

courtesy of TRUTH ORANGE

The youth repeats via narration, “No one is judging me for getting the help that I need.” And that right there is on the brink of revolutionary for media and propaganda in ending the addiction stigma. I never would’ve thought that in this century we’d made such strides to get the media on board; but that’s just what I witnessed! Amen, to that.

These commercials that show people actually getting better, the advocacy of a better life not a degraded one, and let you know that what you’re going through is okay and a humanly struggle are exactly what the ‘common folk’ need to get over certain prejudices’ held against those afflicted with addiction!

This could very well be the stepping stone for the modern folk, too. Why though? What do American’s and other countries spend a ton of time doing? Watching TV, or other platforms of video, with tons of advertising! What if we had more non-skewed, positive ads like this but on places like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram? Especially with their LIVE features! We could literally change the face of addiction through commercial advertising, and do a damn good job of it too!

Places like Truth Orange have made a huge impact in this with the battle between modern folk and huge corporations pushing tobacco and cigarettes! You see their ads on TV of like babies falling from buildings and immediately you know, “That’s Truth!” and not only is the organization spot on, but their name is righteous enough, too!

courtesy of TRUTH ORANGE

Could you imagine if it wasn’t about money with advertising how many more positive messages we’d have out there like LISTEN and TRUTH ORANGE? I urge you to check out these great campaigns, because it must’ve not been easy to push these through marketing directors! They were probably getting told, “Failure! Failure! Failure!” the whole way. And that’s sad that showing people hurting, would sell more than telling someone it’s okay to get help. But, that’s just the harsh reality. So major props to these organizations for changing the face of digital marketing as a whole on breaking the stigma!

Now I sit back and wonder if I’ll see it again, too. Because these advertising campaigns are few and far between! I don’t see them that often, but when I do, I know who it is every time from now on. One day you WILL see us, Substance For You, up there making a difference on an even bigger screen and platform; like mainstream television! I promise you that! All it takes is the backing of you amazing folks and a ton of pushing, pushing, pushing!

courtesy of TRUTH ORANGE

Personally, I, the owner, would like to get everyone who’s ever sent us a picture wearing our recovery apparel, or reading my memoirs, in a large campaign through mainstream advertising so that you can be the message along with me in Substance For You! Why? Because I don’t do this alone! Heck! You are what makes the Substance For You lifestyle come to life… so mad props to you, too! And I promise, one day, we will make it happen! Who’s with me?


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