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Band of Brothers: Recovery Style

In recovery there are times that are paramount to changing the tides of the movement at hand. A lot of that has to do with unity and brotherhood. Some of it comes from people finding support groups. But other times it simply just happens because that’s what the world needs! And along my journey in recovery I’ve met so many people that have changed my life in so many ways that the gratitude will walk this Earth a lot longer than I’m alive.

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If you know anything about this website, it’s not 12-step based. We here at Substance For You are a little more enriched in holism and a full body, mind, and spiritual approach. That doesn’t mean I discourage meetings, heck I’ve been to thousands of them! But, recently I’ve found my life turning massive cornerstones when it comes to daily routines in exercise, proper nutrition, and other practices that involve just what we are dealt to use around us. Like nature. I also like to keep a sense of brotherhood (and I love my sisters too) intact. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of many influential leaders in this recovery movement, who are now working alongside me and us even guiding each other for the better of this world.

When exploring this thought it just so happened I’ve maintained contact with some old friends who were in their baby stages of getting some evolutionary production going in the addiction recovery market. And in fact, it went right alongside my thoughts of holism. Isn’t it funny how the universe can align you with certain people who you know will not only change your life, but when put side by side with them, you’ll be changing and helping thousands of more lives? Funny, that’s exactly what happened a few months ago, and I’m just now getting a chance to write this article not because I’ve disbelieved before, but as our relationship grows further, I believe the change that is possible where I find recovery is possible. 

His name is Blake. Blake is the founder of and is a brand that’s exact hora is designed around a holistic approach. At first I didn’t know much, but as soon as we started talking relapse prevention I was hooked! His brand is the leading supplement on the market for addiction recovery. And no, that’s not to say that we have anything against medication! Heck, if you’re on it and you need it, use it! I personally take blood thinners or I’d have needed a liver transplant by now! But, when it comes to the healthier parts of life, LIQCOVERY was it. It is it. It’s what I believe in, and here’s why…

When you’re in the throes of addiction there are a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and natural systematic functions in your body that are being deprived inside you. Things like GABA, that’s used for anxiety and pain relief, is already naturally occurring in your body and it’s not an opiate and you can 100% never, ever, overdose on such things because when your body NATURALLY produces too much of it, you want to know what happens? You pee it out! Did you know that this GABA was recently found to reduce the cravings in opioid addicted persons, because they deprived their body from naturally making it and it was a SUPPLEMENT to the opiates? 

Do you see how that works? We take your body which is lacking certain nutrients it already produces but has been hindered due to addiction. Then, we add then back—or better yet, supplement them—with nature! It’s the least harmful way to put your body back on the fast track to recovery, the right way. Usually your body would, and will, replenish itself of these things missing anyways as long as you stay clean and sober. But heck it can take 9+ months or even years! And some people honestly might never get back to full strength. So what my buddy Blake did here was join forces with top Psychiatric doctors and nutritionists in the market of addiction recovery to find out exactly what your body lacked due to addiction.

After months of long, hard, and tedious research—to make sure it was done 100% right in FDA approved labs—LIQCOVERY was designed. LIQCOVERY has all of those things that you are missing, that I’ve stated above. All you need to do is take one scoop of an AM formula and put it in with some water and cup, shake it up and here come things like focus (reducing that mental fog in recovery… it sucks!), anxiety relief, craving reduction, appetite help, among many other things! And that’s just the AM formula. Join forces with the PM formula and you’ve got that GABA I was talking about! You ask me now, “Brian/Substance For You, I’ve got problems sleeping though! My legs won’t stop moving!” And you know what? I’d answer that LIQCOVERY has been proven to knock you out into sleep within twenty minutes and help with things like restless leg syndrome, or what I like to call the creepy crawlies!

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So if you know anything about relapse prevention or you’re in recovery and are struggling with ANYTHING that is due to addiction and you didn’t know there was an answer? Well, here it is! My good friend, my new best friend in the world of holism is Blake, the owner of And just to prove how much I believe in this system I gave Blake 10 of my 100% sober and CLEAN LIFE. Tees to give away in his next ten orders of the LIQCOVERY AM and PM formula. When an opportunity comes up to save lives I don’t let it pass but I team together and aide my friends in recovery to make sure one thing always holds true… “RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE.” And you know what? Blake. I believe in you. Substance For You does not have to write this, but I do, and I fully endorse you Go get em and save some lives like you were always destined to do! Boom, world. Watch out, we have a new leader in holistics!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Liquid Recovery Nutrition, LLC is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant, lactating, have a heart condition or taking any medications. Liquid Recovery Nutrition, LLC is not intended to replace any current treatment program or medication.

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    Thanks for all the, love! Together we can change the world and help break the stigma of addiction in this country!

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