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Free Will Vs. Suicide: A Philosophical Debate

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How do you conquer one of Earth's greatest mystery('s)? 


When opening the conversation towards the existence of free will, I will so kindly ask you to choose if free will exists, or is an illusion that lies between pleasures, pains, and selfish ideologies.

Without any outside influence, you will make a choice. The choice is yours and only yours. Above all else you can choose not to choose.

Go forth with no thought on output of this decision. Remember that there is infinite number of choices; including null, nothing, or no answer.

You have no reason to choose. You do not need to know "Why?" Nor is that necessary to making--what seems to be--a simplistic conclusion. But don't become too irreverent and doubt your ability of perception. Nor is this question diluted.

It is the complete opposite. Or, so you'd of hoped. But remember, that choice is yours...

Now leave any bias behind.

Conflict is an epitomization of what the illusionary spectrum creates to force your interior and exterior battle for 'true existence.'

While we may have absolutely zero choice in what others think. The truth of freewill, and the core between reality or illusion, immoral or just, and humanity versus artificial, lies within the debate that, although we may not be able to change others, does this mean that we have the freewill to change anything?

Including ourselves...

Always remember that you always have the the choice of not choosing. Doing nothing would be more of a detriment than doing 'something.'

While it leaves our lives in a perilous swing between choosing the options given to us, sub-sequentially not choosing the options given to us, rather choosing an alternative option of our own choice (that has already been created by others choice), or not choosing anything at all; remembering that doing nothing has worse repercussions than doing 'something.' 

Change is hard. But whether or not we wish to not change, life is in a quantum flux, and choices will be made one way or another.

As it is said that "Time goes on..."

The illusion of time remains just as true to living as does the choice of having choice. We are in it, nor did we make that choice. But here lies the perfect perception for those who read this blog:

"Please never, ever choose to not 'be in it [life].' We have the opportunity to make mistakes and recover from them. While choosing to not live determines a fate far worse."

While begging the question since the dawn of humanity:

"Is Free Will Free, Or is everything already Determined?" While today there is a lot of adaptations to philosophy we learn that just because one thought is made, one opinion is suggested, that is never the ultimatum. There is no one "fix-all." And life is a mixture of choices and gray zones.

While we did not choose to be in life, do not make any final decision on checking out of it. Free will or not, life is worth taking risks, rather than ending it.

Ultimately, I choose to remain loyal to my lifestyle storytelling message on Substance For You, my outlet. The correlation may now finally be made between the philosophical debate of free will or whether we are determined to doom a gruel. Ultimately leading to a World of pain and misery where many choose suicide instead of living a second repercussions. 

Recover blossoms in that extra second, because you chose to work through pain, instead of silence that would leave the one's who love you in endless pain for an ultimate sacrifice.

Choices are scary, but listen a bit further...

We will change whether we want to or not. And for the pertinence of Substance For You--a place for betterment--what becomes overwhelmingly apparent is that, standing in place is still moving backwards.

I know that change involves choice. I am worth investing in myself and knowing that there is no obvious solution to this debate. But if we choose what has worked through successful and experienced predecessors, while an adaptation of what we wish our happiness, health, and movement to be.

This is as close to freedom that we may ever get. And to render the conclusion that the opposing hand gives is that, while choice is inevitable, what makes these choices so much more beneficial is acceptance, humility, and open mindedness towards love for ourselves and doing what will show benefit to those that love us without any superficial or artificial conditional attachment.

And to me, that path is clear!

While our choices may be constructions of choices that have been made prior to us. This does not mean that we are in total slavery to others pasts, or our own. The future has many determining factors.

In any philosophical defense, there is no absolute right, and no terrifying wrong. But when mixing and molding the World through our eyes we must live subjectively without watching the mirror of the World stare at us; leaving that as our final judgment of who we are. As the best judge to any final outcome is that through any path we take life is a rollercoaster fueled by jet engines. One that twists and turns.

We make sure that we have our harness on, a safety net in place, and realize that we must go down in order to go up. Ultimately becoming more stable as the wind still gusts and the tracks still linger between balancing oppositions. Noting that the choice you make should be to live your life crying tears of joy while we climb Space Mountain, instead of hearing every wheel click as momentum builds, and screaming, "I can't do this!"

Pretty soon the up must go down, and the down must go up. And I know that you can do this whatever choice you make! Because I'd much rather live life with unexpected consequences than never enjoying the ride in the first place...

And choosing to live is one hell of a choice! But when we choose not to live, there is zero room to change, there is no choice, and we have taken any available route to betterment out of the debate. Because the choice is only made, if we choose to continue living; whatever that means to us! #SuicidePrevention #YouAreWorthIt

In short. Your answer to the title statement is that you conquer free will by choosing to live. Life was a divine or evolutionary gift to us (whatever your choice). But the gift we give the World and to those who love us is the choice of continuing to shine our beauty and life!

And that is a choice that I can get behind.

-Rush, Freewill 


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