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Don't Let "Nothing" Turn Into "Something"

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Some days I only feel strong enough to sit in my solemn chair, in a dim lit room, and say…


courtesy of Warwick Student Blogs - University of Warwick

Just know…

You may feel like this is only happening to you, but, I wouldn't be writing this if it was. Remember you're not alone, and it's okay, to some days just do nothing, as long as we are taking 3 steps forward and only 1 step back.

I believe we are #NotAlone and never will be. So take the time you need to collect yourself, because when we rise, we rise together. We rise one step at a time while doing the best that we can do maintain a peace of mind and have continual effort towards working on ourselves. Because if we don't, nothing may just turn into...


Today I need to learn to let the little things go, because they really are nothing. But, if the little nothings build up, and compile over time without the proper rest and collection of myself, than they will become something. And that something may not be good for a person who's had a past with addiction, and current lifestyle surrounded by mental illness.

courtesy of Psychology Today

So, breathe. Take up a passion and a hobby, or learn to find peace in your solitude, because one day turns into a lot of days, of saving ourselves one step at a time. And one day when things do become too overwhelming and we feel that we have no where to turn, it is those times that we did learn to cope with a passion or peace of mind that will get us out of a jam and shape the rest of our lovely little lives! 

Each moment is precious. So hold every moment dear, and just know, you are not alone. We all struggle, but together, we will be stronger than this!


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