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Halloween's Truth for Youth: What are they really up to?

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Everybody in the blog world is sitting back enjoying their lives knowing that they have recovery, and telling you what they think will cure—mostly our youth—from going out and getting hammered on All Hallows Eve. But, that is the least bit of the truth for any of this story or epidemic at hand. Most adults in recovery will know these tips, then the adults not in recovery won’t read this, and the youth who are using tonight and tomorrow really don’t even know these blogs exist.

So what I propose is that we write one for the parents of addicts or youth in engaged in substance abuse and the advocates who will go out and make a difference, by telling the truth of what kids are actually doing to celebrate holidays where debauchery is amidst, instead of sugar coating this shit and setting our world up for failure. Because, with a little bit of knowledge and awareness we may be able to put prevention into play a little bit better than a 40-year-olds out of date and impractical tip!

Here the sceanrios that took my addiction for a ride during my youth on Halloween. And remember this is just my story, but millions can relate so you be the final judge on what you publish in your life, because this one's mine! Follow if you want, recovery is never too late or too early in this day and age! ;) 

15 Years Old (1.5 Years Addicted)

courtesy of  pophangover

My friends that lived across the street from me were inviting me to come drink because no one was home. Normally the parents would all gather at one house on holidays, they were a close knit group and this would leave the liquor cabinets in the other vacant houses open for business. And because they—the parents—were drinking too it meant that we could dip into the liquor and mix it into a coke can without them knowing. Usually it’d be some Captain Morgan (dark liquor) mixed with Gin (light, clear liquor). But, this year I wasn’t with my friends, and it just so happened to be their first year of doing drunk trick or treating! I was pissed and they were making fun of me. But, I had a girlfriend for almost a year and a half and we were extremely codependent on each other. So, the night went along with my ex and I stealing liquor from my parent’s cabinet instead, and then making a scene to go across the street just to rub it in my friends faces and proceed to chug a bit too much.

My friends were trying to inhibit something a little bit more illicit so they threw some beers right into my trick or treating bag, which was a pillow case. So, every time my ex and I opened it up to ask for candy there was a bag full of beer and a fifteen-year-old ready to puke. So, I guess you could say, “Parents lock up your liquor if you’re leaving kids unattended.” But the story gets worse!

After a long night of deviling it up with my youth addicted girlfriend, we ran into my friends in the play structure located at the park. But we didn’t really say hi or anything of the sort. We just kind of watched them walk on by while we were at the park in the middle of our neighborhood that was right in the middle of all the festivities! We wouldn’t want to say hi at this time, although an old man and his dog did come walking up on us and interrupt the mood! We thought that we were far enough away to be noticed from anyone or anything lurking but I guess not, and it was pretty damn cold too. I’m not sure how I got it up, but you guessed it, since everyone else was drunk we thought we’d take advantage of the night and have sex in our usual, yes usual, spot. This wasn’t the first time and definitely not the last that we’d get away with public sexcapades, but hey! We had masks on, not like anyone could tell who we were just by lookin’! Right?


16 Years Old (Just Been Dumped!)

courtesy of Samesun Backpackers

My girlfriend and I were pretty serious, or so I thought before she dumped me and decided to hook up with her best friend and her best friend's brother! I guess these things happen to our youth still, right? Or is my story the only, single, solitary one that this happened to? Probably not! I'm just being ironic to cue some humor… cue! Anyways…

I’d just been dumped you could say the least. And this time it wasn’t the kids across the street that I was hanging out with either because now, I could drive. I’d gotten hooked up with some more drug savvy kids in high school, and a few that had just dropped out too. We were on the roll that night. I mean literally, rolling on ecstasy. We thought it would be a kind experience with all the charades out and about with masks and costumes and what not. But, believe it or not I just ended up riding in the back seat of a truck on top of a sub-woofer that would boom louder than a G-EZ concert! The owner of the truck got caught by the feds a few months later with a few mason jars full of E-pills, but hey I didn’t answer when the feds called me looking for him to snitch!

When we arrived at our destination after a thirty-minute drive, north or south, I couldn’t tell, we were greeted by all of my other friends that somehow had gotten there completely hammered drunk. One was in the back having sexual relations with a girl who was dating an MMA fighter sitting the other room, and everyone else just kind of blurred in and out of the situation while the party was being hosted by a couple of 35-year-old weed dealers in the middle of the country on their lot. I’m not really too sure how I got home, and in fact didn’t even wake up at home in the morning but back at a different friend’s house who wasn’t even at the party. He started off the night with taking ecstasy with us and somehow I passed out at his place a good 12 hours later, waking up on a couple hours of sleep and a burnt out with a hurting side due to liver inflammation from an over concocted night of drug ingestion, or indigestion now…


Now I’m not going to tell you to berate your child until they falsely accuse themselves of something they may or may not have done yet. But, these stories do happen because it happened to me, and if I wanted to extend the blog by two more years then we’d see a hell of a lot irater stories of dereliction and drug abuse. And it wasn't just confined to Halloween for drug abuse, but it did let me have a day where no one was watching. And that needs to be the focus of prevention. The secret to prevention is that awareness of not knowing before, but knowing now. Other blogs may be giving you that one sober tip to staying sober on Halloween, but truth be told, what good does that do us? Or our children in this world?

courtesy of  EEW Magazine

I’ll tell you the one key to breaking the cycle of addiction in the epidemic is getting our youth safe and sober, especially through the holidays. Now you can’t say that you don’t know because these things are really out there and by my truth I bring you the awareness to change the situation any way you see fit; not the way I see fit or by giving you a piece of information that could fail and you coming back to blame me. This is straight up truth, no beating around the bush, no sugar coating. And as one of our youth interventionist programs here in Michigan says, “Don’t trust a word they say, always keep watch.” Now I don’t say go to that extreme… or do you? Is it a matter of life and death? Well, when it comes to addiction there is no second chances if there’s an overdose or drunken driving accident, so yes, our youth lives do matter. You be the judge of seriousness...

So, leave us your thoughts in the comments after the blog about how you took prevention tips to work on holidays, and maybe you’ll be the next one saving a life…

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