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Sleeping with Anxiety

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How is your #sleep during the #holidays? It's never been easy for me... 💙 Read part of my story below. 👇 Comment something you relate to 🙏  and share/tag someone with social media/text who needs to hear this message!

Courtesy of"We all struggle from something. No matter what; that's #life. But dealing with my past was very haunting for quite some time. In daytime and sleep. I always thought that sleep should be relaxing. But for me, sleep was torturous for a very long time.

Often would I find myself shooting out of bed into a huge fit, from what I thought was "deep slumber." I was constantly caught screaming and yelling for what I thought was no reason. It was terrifying but...

BUT I'll never forget everyone who has come into my life for such defining reasons... JFT I'm extremely grateful (and lucky) for such #loving and caring support team by my side for many years. I'm sure you know exactly who you are! 🙏 #pray

I'm currently 28 years old. I'm laying next to my gorgeous wife planning our 3-year wedding anniversary. My two fur babies are sound asleep by our side, and I'm not afraid of such a quiet house anymore. It's very warm and filled with something no one can quantify, except for a beating heart and a sound mind.

But #ODAAT that is how #lovewins for me. These are some ways I've coped with #Insomnia #Agitation #Irritability #NightTerrors #Nightmares and #MentalHealth related disorders 🌲🔥 Please remember to #staywarm year around ❤️ 

courtesy of you or someone you know needs to hear this please share, like, comment/tag/share to spread a message of #hope for the holidays 💙

A very special thanks to our amazing friends and support team over at @NiznikHealth for providing this photo and info. 🙏 See more info with at links provided here and in their Username/Account bios! 💙 #sponsored #ptsd


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