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Hot and Bothered...

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Let me be a little bit of a tease for a second. Can I try and get you all hot and bothered? Because when I get angry, I get really fucking angry.

I bet that you're wondering why I'm starting such a provocative construct, but... why the hell not?

Do you remember the saying from the movie "ANGER MANAGEMENT" with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson where a patient screams, "THE ANGER SHARKS ARE SWIMMING IN MY HEAD!" and then we get the "Goosfraba!" quote all up font in our business!

So great...

But even better is when Adam Sandler punches out a Buddhist Monk played by John C. Reilly. LOL! "I SAID OVER EASY!" 

But, enough with the bullshit, right? You are probably asking what the real meaning of this blog is. And let me tell you that it is most definitely about anger! Could you have guessed? Well, I hope that it pissed you off just a little bit more, because when you see this video you'll see something truly amazing happen...

As I depict in this video. When I get angry there's one fucked up thing about it, and one more fucked up person about it. 

Try and guess who I mean and why I reference "them" in the video below...

If you're not catching my drift, anger is a huge burden in recovery. And ultimately we are just big ole scaredy cats! But why? With whom? And yeah, it doesn't make sense. But trust me, I don't even care if you just put a headset on and listen to my video. Cuz' if you're dying to know, then screw it, right?

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PS. All anger and torturous words I used were for play, not meant to be malicious or antagonize. I am not held liable for any misunderstanding of word play! Although after viewing the video I hope that you get some form of understanding and benefit out of it!

View it now...

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