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How Do I Do it? Seriously, so simple...

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I was depraved from the years of drug, alcohol, and people addictions. I had no care for myself or any other freaking soul out there, and the world was my playground. I’d sold myself and bought others time as well, not to mention the mass amounts of blow we’d usually do in exchange for whatever the hell it is we were doing! I was completely out of my mind, for a very long time. I’d vandalize property, heck, I’d attempt B&E’s, which is something I was so ashamed of announcing on here that this is the first time. Maybe, because by the time it came to do it I was too high to recall it correctly. But, was I a bad person or was it the drugs? Some will argue both. And now at six years in recovery, clean and sober, on Christmas of this year people always ask me—especially after reading my best selling memoirs that are extremely vulgar—“How did you/do you do it?” and what they usually mean is, “How the hell did you come from such a low standard of living, to running one of the world’s largest addiction recovery sources? Somewhere your sobriety is on display each and every day! Isn’t that nerve wracking? Whatever it is though it’s an inspiration and I want it!”

Most conversations start with a bleak past, I mean hell, being told and sold for nothing does come at an actual price. If you can understand that! But, it usually ends up with me pushing forwards with a huge inspiration inside the recovery movement. And most people I encounter don’t know how I do it. At least that’s what they say…

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You know what though? I don’t know what the hell I’m doing either! And I sure as hell didn't start this to help others AT FIRST! At first it was all about the self healing, which is exactly what you should be focused on too. Why? Because if we aren't living role models for ourselves then how can we be for others, too.

"Then, and only then, can we make something great out of ourselves that others will admire."

And you know what else? I’ve been not getting high each day, since my last day. And on those days I try to find some way to make my life better than it was before. This is where we learn that the beauty does come from inside of ourselves! Honestly, I sound like a selfish bastard too! But, recovery is totally selfish for a different reason. It’s like, if I didn’t get better how would I do Substance For You? And that’s exactly the question that you, or whoever, is asking! “How do you do it, bro?” Well, I do it just like you’ll do it. "LIVING."

You’ll wake up and make yourself a good breakfast because you deserve to live healthy. Then you’ll brush your teach and put on some presentable clothes, while hopefully repeating some sort of recovery saying or serenity prayer. Why? Because it’s good peace of mind to look good, smell good, and talk to yourself well. And from there if you don’t know what to do, just don’t do the wrong thing! And I know this may be tricky because our mind has always tricked us into an evil selfish way, and not the selfish way I talk about for recovery. I talk about abusing and misusing others in your life type of selfish. So you’re asking me how I’m doing it still…

I started a business yeah… But I have me some pretty cool social media too. I have a nice amount of blogs, books, and clothing line to go with it! Well, now the pieces are coming together for you right? I’ll tell you a secret. I wasn’t always so pristine in my recovery, but I learned along the way. And these social media I have, or the blogs I write are simply my life put out there for you. So the answer comes nearer, and I’m telling you I’m doing it by this one way alone: “LIVING MY LIFE THE BEST WAY I CAN OR KNOW HOW!” and if I don’t know how I ask people who have gotten through whatever it is I’m dealing with!

So now you’re saying, “Okay? So you just want me to get out there and simply live?” And yeah… that’s exactly what I’m saying. And if you’re afraid, good! You should be. Did you know that fear and excitement are the same exact feeling just labeled differently? With any amount of recovery, I have in me it was getting my ass out there and doing recovery the exact opposite of addiction and living it the best I can. So these mottos like “100% Sober” or “Overdose on Love” you see on my tees come directly from a situation in my life. Like when I used to be addicted to prescription medication and Suboxone my first try through with recovery and then gave it all up to be 100% sober! Or when I couldn’t tell anyone I loved them because I hated myself, until one day I started forcing the words out of my mouth until I was overdosed on love to keep from overdosing on drugs! So, I’m telling you, this is how I do Substance For You! “I live my life the best way I can.”

And that involves screwing up a lot too. So, don’t get me wrong life won’t be perfect, but if you stay clean and sober, your enough inspiration to save thousands of lives too. And if someone comes up and asks you, “How did you get to where you are? I’m so lost!” Just tell them your story like I tell you in each and every blog, because the power of telling your story is educating someone else to say, “Hey! I’m like you were too, but let’s head a different path together this time through similarity!” You’ll come up with some mottos, do some writing, and eventually I’ll hope to see you out there kicking addictions ass as the next Substance For You, one day at a time!

For short, there isn’t any special trick to how I do this. I’m just staying clean and sober the best way I was shown how. And if you don’t know, then ask someone! What I’m doing is something that I want each and every one of you to do after reading this. Which is to “Live by example!” So get out there and kick some addiction ass and don’t hold back on being a little bit selfish today in recovery. Do you know why? Well, here’s another tee shirt motto… Because it’s so much better living a great recovery, life, and hopeful existence while HIGH ON LIFE than it is high on drugs. Today I can feel. And today I feel that this will get you into high gear, ready to give recovery a new name and that name is, “__________” , <-  Name your recovery motto here and post it on your FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram when sharing this article

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