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How I Achieve Serenity: Finding Purpose with my Heart

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In all of my writings towards recovery, at least in recent times, have contained what seems to be more than just the term serenity; but an entity as well. And for me to be accurate enough to what I find most inspiration, any sort of prolific writer that holds influence draws perspective from their own life. So if you had a hunch that serenity and the emotions involved in how I portray my dedications to such a form is in fact not just a person, but, the relationship I hold to them, then you are most definitely correct. In fact, it would be malice and do no justice to base my truest emotions, especially towards recovery or lifestyle betterment, if it was not based upon one of the most influential sources and persons of betterment in my life.
Dear audience, please meet my "Sweet Serenity," as captioned and titled in noun structured; my wife, Patricia McCollom. And not only introducing her, but as recovery grows, please let me indulge you in an epilogue I have confirmed may be not just a romance with the sense of serenity, but my overall infatuated love filled life with my ever supportive wife...
I title thee,

The Journey We Travel...

*Probably, honestly, one of my favorite photos of all time of us <3
God will be the one who finds the only, yet blissfully honest,
Entirely revealing and rightfully so,
The truth behind what makes me whole,
The essence of my being.
A reason to not only strive,
But grip life and fully survive...
With bountiful connection my serenity holds true...
Of this,
And this my sweet love
It is profoundly,
An utter desperation to portray what holds satisfaction for most,
But for me,
A reason to push the limits of meaning and reason
Into something above
Something beyond
into existential profanities,
It is only where I find the wholeness into where our love can begin to live...
Where this is of my capacity to love you
As it forever, chronically, continually, yet absurdly undeniably and unexplainably,
For it is the seed of blossoms
And yes I find there to be no denial,
The truest of rivers seeping throughout my body,
As you heard a thud grow louder
The waters begin to overflow
And I'm nearing overdose,
The rivers turn to blood,
While my veins begin to pool!
For our togetherness
And our meaning in life withhold most desperately true
While the drug I've been seeking
That very desperation lying within a fix,
Is not something illegal,
But the divinity within you...
For my bleeding heart tears into my soul
In which existence has lost its power, but still holds the most gravitational control!
I will forever be, with thee,
My love, my anti-drug
My profanity, and Lord,
Hear me please,
My dear sweet, serenity.
I love you so much Sweet Serenity, my wife, life partner, and best friend.

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