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How I Became a Recovery Coach!

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Today we have a guest blog all the way from Canada! Actually, not too far from where I am in Detroit. Although let's not argue about Detroit hockey right now!

Nicole has a tremendous story of finding her way through growing up in a household that conditioned her to alcoholism and addiction, into finding her way through love and marriage back into herself; now helping people!

We are so proud to share such success. So, without further ado... Nicole:


"Hello, my name, is Nicole Cameron. I am a Recovery Life Coach who walks the journey of recovery with others wanting to become abstinent from alcohol and drugs.

I’ve been abstinent from alcohol, drugs and all other mood-altering substances since November 11, 2007. 

I’m one of those alcoholics that was born like this and come from long family trees of alcohol and drug abuse.

There had been many, many events that took place that should have been enough for me to quit, but it took me until 41 years old and more and more dangerous situations to get me to quit.My entire life I’ve been managing alcohol and drugs, What I didn’t know is that I was addicted.  I thought everyone was managing their unmanageable lives. I didn’t think I was different at all until I tried to stop. When you’re born into this lifestyle its very difficult to admit that there is something wrong with it.

There were thousands of blackouts, black eyes, falling, falling into campfires, cutting open my forehead, banged up cars, the list goes on. It wasn’t until my husband; my best friend told me he loved me, he was done with me and leaving that I was willing to seek help.

My journey of sobriety began, but it didn’t come easy. I struggled with quitting and staying stopped. I needed a plan of action, a plan to change something, everything, to help me not pick up a drink.  It took six months until I achieved my first day of sobriety.  I was elated when I had 24 hours without a drink or drug. The joy I experienced is so hard to describe.... freedom maybe is the best word. 

Today, I’m grateful for my sobriety. I’m grateful for humility and remaining teachable. I’m grateful that I don’t have the luxury of complacency and taking my recovery for granted. I’m always in action, growing, experiencing, moving through pain to get to the feelings of empowerment. Grateful!

-Nicole Cameron, Find me "HERE"

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