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How I Got My Start Advocating!

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I advocate education in recovery! Without it, I don't think I'd be the man that I am today. So when I had a few years clean and sober, finally mental (somewhat) stable, I packed my bags and got the hell out of Dodge!

I moved north for school and really had no one to rely on but keeping myself straight! But, the professors became my best friends. I was granted to first become a college tutor but then joined 6 international honor societies, made 3 keynote speeches on addiction and drugs, and have been in the newspaper every year since junior year and leaving!

So it's safe to say that education has been the best part of recovery for me! In fact, it taught me how to advocate through one of my first courses; a communications class.

The teacher was so casual but so relatable! He took time to get to know me and that was rare for someone in my "position." Especially when he started talking about how to write books. Plus it was pretty known that my public speaking revolved around my addiction in that class. So, the first person to urge me to start writing (besides my dad) was my communications teacher!

All of the teachers taught me how to advocate because I majored in social justice and addiction research! But what was even better was that they taught me how to be accountable unlike ever before!

And then my communications teacher gave me a piece of advice when I finally started speaking out on addiction awareness. I really didn't know how to start writing my book and just like anything good in recovery, it is scary too! So he said this when I asked him, "How do I start?"


And after that, I'm now 4 publications in, started the 5th, organized the sixth, launched a public speaking platform, reach millions via the site and have hundreds of thousands of social media community members, amongst great partners in Grammy nominated artists, 600 blogs, am one of the largest advocates in the World, while remaining humble and starting my YouTube channel and kicking ass, too!

See the follow-up video that tells the entire story behind the communications teacher and me! It's one of my most popular YouTube videos to date and if it helps you click SUBSCRIBE! Or go ----> HERE <---- to visit the homepage of YouTube for all of our collection!

Enjoy and please subscribe and share...!

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