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How Love is Conquering All in My Life!

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I'm in love. And in love, everything looks so much brighter.

All around me is vibrant and luscious. I can feel the air saturated with perfectly timed scents of lavender and chamomile.

If you're following along closely and intently, I'm sure that you too can nearly taste the essence of sweet Serenity's bliss.

It's terrifyingly contagious and I know you're with me...

Ah! Love.

For most of my life, I've battled depression. But today is a day in love. One in which I am sweetly soaring the clouds with my honey.

It is true. Love really does win!

This doesn't mean depression won't come back. And by far, I'm used to the sways of an intolerable condition.

But with my gorgeous Serenity, I can level the playing field!

'Serenity' has taken my life for a complete whirl. Although I'm sure you too have seen her before. Yes! She's been here all along. You do know her.

While my greatest truth is that I myself had to take life's leap of faith.

And you know what? I do! I really really do!

Love wins. And for you, my sweet serenity.



-SFY #lovewins

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